Livin' The Dream: How I am Living My Dream and You Can Too

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I woke up in Mexico City yesterday and had a bit of an epiphany.

I've often said that I believe we create our own reality. But I hadn't quite realized how I had created my own in the last few years and am now, in many ways, "living the dream."

And when I say, "living the dream", I mean that I dreamt about having a life like I do today and now, like a dream, it is happening.

It was about eight years ago that I decided to create the first anarcho-capitalist, Austrian economics based financial newsletter, The Dollar Vigilante.

Many people said the world wasn't ready for it... but I said, "Let's make them ready then."

And, I started a podcast, called Anarchast, about anarchy... a very unusual topic 8 years ago. And it has grown into a fairly large podcast and has even spun off its own conference, Anarchapulco, which had 500 people from across the world attend this year.

And, I've been covering cryptocurrencies since 2011 even despite many people warning me they were just a fad/scam/ponzi... and they have grown into a $100 billion+ market, just as I said it would.

And, I even now make very good money just posting to a decentralized, blockchain based social media platform... Steemit!

I realized how a decade ago this was all just a dream... a pipe dream even. But it has all come to pass... so, did I actually create my own reality?

And, can you do the same?

I pondered all this as I walked through a dog park in incredibly dangerous Mexico City and somehow survived.

You can see more here:

Please upvote and follow me here for more. Tomorrow I'll report in from Montana with my thoughts on one of the world's most dangerous drugs.

In the meantime, don't let anyone stop you from following your dreams. You never know where they may lead you.


I would rather feel the effects

Seriously! I've heard great things about it. What a joy it would be to be surrounded by such awesome people making shit happen. :) Maybe I'll see you there.

back at ya! Great to connect.

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

I agree with you. I am interested in checking out the next Anarchapulco too!

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

I don't know if I could specifically site one person.... I have noticed a handful that try to benefit the community like @jeffberwick and @jerrybanfield.

Jeff you have really helped out my financial situation i can't thank you enough! Pioneers are always seem as the crazy ones but keep it up and keep spreading your views.

Jeff, I've started following your channel and subscribed to your site since 2016. Although, I didn't invest enough to change my life entirely, but it has definitely changed my current situation.

I just want to say, thank you for changing my life with all the great advices.
I'm following the dream and walking the path.

Thank you, 謝謝你!

Chris from Taiwan.

Guys, thanks for the upvotes. They really mean a lot to me! Thank you so so much.

Please, follow my account, I post contents everyday!

Thta Mexican weathers looking rather nice

Yes, live your own dream instead the American Dream.

Alt Text

I am a firm believer that our brains are functional contraption to access the vast potential field of intelligence called concsiousness . Every second every moment we use this field to shape or choose our future. As you mention in your post, we can always create our reality by just accessing this field of unbounded intelligence.

The dream which we live today can only become reality if we believe our gut, which basically is a signal from our brains to create new ideas from the field. Once a reality , we always would look back and attribute it to the idea which motivated or inspired us ...

Could not have agreed with you more friend

I love thinking about our global consciousness and how we interact with this field. Is everything fractal and we are all part of the whole? Who knows but I love asking these kinds of questions. Thank you for sharing your words. You have a new follower! :)

If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Yes! All that we create first exists as a thought. Such a powerful concept! Excited to follow you and be connected to like minds and hearts.

Happy to follow you and getting inspired from your super positive project "foodisfree"!

Glad to be connected on here! We're all in this together. :)

Jeff- You've inspired me to start the juice cleanse, I've been watching your videos on fasting, etc non-stop and can clearly tell how much of a positive effect you've seen. Congrats on living your dream and thanks for doing all you do.

Well said!

Thx, you too!

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

Sure, I'd say @silverslayer because I always watched his silver stacking youtube channel and he just came onto Steemit and has been spreading the word to all his subscribers on youtube about the benefits of Steem. I like when people do that! Thx for asking.

I love to read that people enjoy when word of steemit is spreaded, Im gonna check out the @silverslayer now!!! :)

Source :

Thanks! I appreciate the kind words!

Sure thing!

@silverslayer has been entered into the draw


Living the dream Jeff!

Good post Jeff!

You are an inspiration to maṅy people. I have successfully come out of 'being a successful executive' addiction and have started trying to live mt life. Lol. Upvoted and followed you.

I would be honoured if you check my latest blogs when you have time. Your comments will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

It is good to see the world slowly wake up to the FED scam, supported by new technologies popping up like cryptocurrencies and the internet. Entrepreneurs like @dollarvigilante and @tracemayer did a very good job to speed up this proces by informing people from the beginning. Thanks!

following you ;)

I hope to one day be living the dream too! And congrats on your success!

following you ;)

Very interesting interview - great insights (upvoted and followed).

You might also be interested in the content we post - here's a recent photography post:

Let me know what you think.

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haha if Johal wanted to crush us he could , like this

he could DESTROY you! haha imagine if Reddit had this sort of justice! man oh man reddit was only great because of its users !! now we have the creativity and the energy and fresh blood!

Johal is going to become a billionaire in a very short while and he knows it, I remember him commenting on it, and now I understand why he he has to save almost every dollar he has now....the same way I feel like the more money I get the more I need to save, because of how valuable theese cryptocurrenies are! Its like a time capsule, when u look at prices from a year ago your jaw drops, its almost painful for anyone to look back at just Ethereum prices in january! To people just getting into it its an exciting sprise WOw ethereum went up 10,000 percebt i gotta get in on this! hahaha nd then once ur in for a while u look at how cheap analtcin was a year ago or just a few months ago and iits Painfull!

haha i found a photo of Johal from the future!

he will be wearing solid gold clothing! He will do so much good with his first Billion dollars and alot of fun for steemit users with the second billion dollars .....i have faith that johal will give so much back to steemit...he will help give virtual reality goggles to new users in need to let them join our virtual reality steemit game in the future andd it wil gain him eeven moe followers and Joha will becoome a trillionaire....its totallly possible to beecome a trillionaire with cryp,to currency......The world already has trillionaires they are just not public...with crypto currency peoplee will be able to collect all the worls money inone place and it will ad up into the trillions and it will be possible to invest your way into a trillion dollars and johal might becoome onf of the fiirst

Haha (upvoted + followed) :D

Well, I certainly didn't think about this as in-depth as you. We're just looking at ways to grow our Steemit audience and promote our posts. Not sure if this is the best way to do it...hope it doesn't back-fire :S

On a side note, what do you guys think of Steemit's post promotion system? I read this post the other day, which I think highlights some of the issues with it:

I was thinking of creating a Steemit group or profile on (which has it's own promotion system where ‘promotion power’ can be earned for free by using the website). In theory, this could give stuggling Steemit users a way to get eyeballs on their posts. What do you think?

A comment, longer then 60% of posts. w0w

Nice presentation,meaningful comment .good job mate!

Here's our video on Stephen's work for those that want a quick look:

Thank you for this post. Very valuable.

I quit drinking myself, after many decades. I agree with you. I´m feeling so much better without the booz that I can´t believe it I drunk heavily for so many years.

following you ;)

me too. Thanks.

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

Nope. Don´t know what that is. You´re planning on nominating Jeff? I´ll back you.

Thank you Jeff, for everything you do. You are a truly inspirational man. Thanks

Great video! You're making me want to move to Mexico since it's so "dangerous" lol

Do what you love, never work a day in your life!

following you ;)

I arrived to Austrian Economics through G. Edward Griffin´s The Creature form Jekyll Island. I am pleased to hear you mentioning these same origins.

Funny thing, though. Mr. Griffin does not acknowledge Austrians, and I wonder why. On the other hand, I mentioned The Creature to people talking about central banking in LRC, and they seem to ignore him themselves. This I sort of understand, since he says nothing about the Austrian tradition which was saying what he discovered on his own perhaps a century before. But still, I believe they should acknowledge him as well.

Jeff man you are really Inspiring... you totally changed my perspective about cryptocurrencies.

I follow each one of your post.

I never miss any Dollarr vigilante video on youtube.

Thank you very much.

Forget just changing my perspective on cryptocurrencies, this dude is changing my life. Finally someone makes sense to me. He doesn't have to scream and yell to get attention. He's a good dude that doesn't give a shit about what the mainstream thinks. I admire those characteristics. Thanks Jeff!

You help out big time with your dog walks :) Thanks

following you ;)

following your dreams

Living the dream in Bangkok! Listen to Jeff and move to Mexico, Thailand or other friendly places where you can maximize your life.

You are a very interesting person. I've seen you a couple times on youtube and just recently started being one of your subscribers. great content man and awesome insight. thank you for your contributions.

Ive been watching you listing and i took your advise. I joined steemit looking forward to a fun and bright future with the steemit family

following you ;)

Really uplifting video. thank you

Positive things are a reality over here in Thailand. I left American soil four years ago, and am certainly living the dream in the Land of Smiles. Always eager to learn more about this and better myself -- that's why I'm tuned in here.

keep it up, it's about cycles, we are with you and making our own rotations

Thank you Jeff, you have opened my eyes a bit more to the reality we all need to experience. I just wish that I had come to understand the true meaning of what you are trying to explain sooner.

following you ;)


I just recently found you on YouTube. You have been a real inspiration to me. I too am one who likes to share my own thoughts even though they might not match what society expects/demands they be. I too believe life is what you make it not what is made for you. Thank you again for all you do. Keep it up. We really appreciate you.

following you ;)

I'm here (at Steem it) thanks to you, hope I can create good content to motivate others too. :)

:D thanks to both of you! It is great to see the support!

I'm here because of Jeff's recommendation too! Welcome. Look forward to seeing your content.

You are a great inspiration Jeff and are making a difference in this world. Dollar Vigilante is real news!

Thanks Jeff. Been following your videos on YT for the last month or so, and I'm very glad I found you. I especially love your dog walking videos. So much motivation and general great advice on how we should live.

I'm trying to break free from the 9-5 right now and I'm hoping SteemIT will at least get me started or provide a bit of a boost that I need.
Aside from that I'm into internet marketing and looking into as many options as possible to get out of the rat race.

I thank you so much for the inspiration and motivation.

Take care, and keep doing what you do. There's so many people out there like me who need an extra large dose of your encouraging words each day to keep us believing.

following you ;)

Very interesting you have given me hope!

following you ;)

One day my dream will come true!!! Congrats and wishes you all the best and more to come!!

Living the dream. I'm very happy for you. You have inspired me to work on my attitude, health and diet. Thank you.

The world of Cryptocurrency and the possibilities of Blockchain have really opened my eyes. Finding your videos has been both entertaining and informational.

Keeping living the dream!

Jeff berwick is one of the guys who entirely changed my vision in life, I followed him for a long time on youtube 4+ years, great guy !! With him and other great guys I discovered freedom, I'm still on my way, but I won't be a SLAVE anymore !!

@jeffberwick - I agree with you about Facebook. You should watch Zukerbergs latest interviews/speech..all on YouTube. He seems eager to change all his plans so quick...something tells me they have STEEM on their radar.

Mr Jeff, I'm from Mexico and i never thought following my dreams would be coming to the US. My dream still is a working progress and I'm glad my path cross with your path so i can learm how can I do my dream better. Thanks

thank you Jeff for all that you do

@jeffberwick My only complaint is that I didn't discover your YouTube videos earlier! You put a lot of compelling content out for the masses, and it has definitely caused me to stop and mull over quite a bit.

@jeffberwick: Upvoted for you, followed you as well :)

following you ;)

looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with over the next 5-10 years. it's going to be a crasy ride

follow me ;) to.

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

narrr i never win those times of things. might as well let someone else who has more luck then me have a go

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

does myself count. i have commented on @jeffberwick post. not to sure what your on about

get someone you know to nominate you. :)

I wasn't able to make it to the last Anarchapulco because I was still stuck at a job, but I have since quit and trade cryptos full time. I am finally free to travel when I want and live my life on my own schedule. See you next February!

Love your blog. Upvoting and following 🙌🏽

Good talk Jeff. Down to earth and honest. Thanks

Jeff is the only reason I found thank you very much great post.

Damn i remember the day you joined steemit. I saw you on my new feed lol. You've blown the hell up

You are a huge inspiration to some of us jeff! Thanks for doing what you do best (analyze, critique and promote current events and technologies through a anarcho-capitalist filter) and thanks specifically for the motivational words, they helped me out today.

I salute you jeff. been following you a year or two in youtube listening to your post and videos (the dollar vigilante) and have learned a lot. Thanks and God Bless.

I love Mexico! you should visit San miguel in guanajuato! safer than el DF lol

i admire you jeff. you are doing a great job. i like all your post and videos. keep us enlighten with your experience and thought.. heil cryptoworld

Thank you jeff! The reason I am using is because I heard you on an interview when steem was brand new. You had only been using it for a few days and one of the other guests on the show was being a real jerk about you speaking positively about it. I wonder what that guy thinks almost a year later.

Jeff, We should do a Anarcapulco Poker Tournament 2018

Anarchapulco is onmy bucket list forsure!

I believe that by using crypto currency it is making us live our dreams free of censorship and extortion from governments and central banks. Great Post Jeff!!!!!!!!!!!!!

love all your insights on the topics you approach! you're a "show dji bola" like the Brazilians say! :) resteemed!! :D
PS: I always laugh a lot when Lucy ignores you! ;D your dogs are amazing! and you are an inspiration to us all

thx! following you as well! :)

Do you have a nomination for the Steemian of the Day draw?

dont know! I dont think so! :/ Im new on steemit! just 2 days yet :P

no worries, if someone comes to mind let me know.

Im a huge fan of @jeffberwick for a long time on his YT channels... so definitely he deserves a nomination from my side! :)

Your success is well deserved Jeff! Long time fan here and I finally followed your advice to make an account and I'm so glad I did. Made my first post today and I've been exploring steemit for the past 6 hours. I'm hooked. So thanks again :)

I am trying ti create my own reality I was spending too much time in other forums with 3000 followers and everybody loved my post . but it was a waste of money .. why not get paid to blog and share my daily activities ,, you inspire me

Lucy right now!!!