Everything We've Been Told Is A Lie... And Why It Is Great To Realize It!

in #life4 years ago

What if everything you've been told is a lie?

It's not hypothetical. It's true.

Virtually everything about history. The universe. The Earth. Health. Food. Money. Government. All lies.

Many people avoid learning the truth at all costs. I don't understand why?

Maybe this line from Jack Nicholson was saying a lot more than it was in the movie!

It's true, to an extent. I didn't even go very far down the rabbit hole of what I've been discovering as most people... can't handle the truth!

To me the truth sets us free. So, I clamor for the truth. I yearn to discover it. And everytime I find out I've been lied to, instead of feeling bad, I feel excited. I feel exhilarated.

I knew there was something seriously wrong with this world. And discovering the lies makes me feel justified in my instincts.

In today's "walk n' talk" with the especially unruly anarchist dogs I discuss how virtually everything that people believe to be true is a lie.

The questions is... do you really want to know the truth? Or do you want to live in ignorance out of fear?

The choice, to me, is easy. For many, though, it is more difficult.

If you don't want to know the truth, don't watch today's video.


being awake to all the lies is not all roses. being aware of the conspiracy and seeing their tyrannical agenda being implemented step by step can be unnerving.
I guess in Mexico you're not affected much, but here in Europe it is already 1984 and after each staged terror psyop they introduce more draconian legislations. the truth is already hate speech in some EU countries and 1 wrong word can get you locked up.
I share your optimism that the blockchain revolution will bring down their tyrannical system, but it really needs to be soon...we're running out of time here.

Praying for you over in Europe. It is like seriously, how many god damn world wars need to start in Europe before people remember the terrible things that happen there.

I really see that WW3 will start because of the EU trying to impose shit on people and some countries will go bankrupt and have to go to war to solve the issue.

pray for yourself. North America is just as close to the brink

Yeah, I never even saw this stuff coming, when Trudeau got voted in for Canada.. Our free speech is in major jeopardy now, and the socialist policies that are being implemented give more freedoms to the refugees than we get. Crimes committed by refugees are being covered up by mainstream media, and I just got confronted with violent behavior myself just yesterday by refugees which was unprovoked. I've never had something like that happen before in Canada. With our average Canadian birthrate only being 1.6 per family(non-sustainable), we actually really need more immigrants. If Canada is apparently supposed to represent diversity, then we should actually have true diversity reflected in our immigration policy.

Trudeau is a complete psycho, his dad too. Reading the history about their family and how how dad thinks Fidel Castro is like the second coming of Jesus is insane... + Justin loves cuba and thinks its great. sigh

The dodo birds in Canuckville voted for this loonie toon. Sleep in the bed you made

I am in USA :)

MK ULTRA pedo satanist muslim.

I'm afraid the psyops are already coming to fruition in the Western mind. We are only now beginning to see the effects of Cold war era Soviet propaganda on the minds of the younger generations. Low birth rates and the breakdown of the family unit are but one example. Watch talks by Yuri Bezmenov on Youtube.

Beginning? We've been living in them our whole lives. You are just waking up to them. Almost everything you know is a deception, designed to steal your soul. People hate hearing shit like that, but that's 100% the nature of reality.

Looking for truth is a noble quest.

Jeff, I always like your anarchistic view of reality, a much needed voice to balance out the 'business as usual' approach of the masses. The way I like to look at it, I don't ever like to use the word 'truth'.

As I don't believe in such a thing as truth, everything is just our opinion. People can argue that some things are 'true' but ultimately however many other people also agree with them, it's just their opinion - and new information may come to light which leads them to change their opinion.

If only we could all learn to accept and appreciate each other's opinions then there would be no more war and we could live in harmony together on this beautiful planet ;-)

Wouldn't that be great! What I know to be true is my love for family, nature, and humanity...


Situation doesn't soon good.

negative and depressing... but sounds accurate...so what can we do about it...maybe change our own behavior first...

I enjoy your walks and talks. Now that is the truth :) Where you are in Mexico reminds me of my old place in Puerto Rico.

Everything we've been told about planet earth is a lie.... Oh wait we don't live on a planet! Earth is flat! @jeffberwick

We are everything .. human evolution of lies ...thx - @jeffberwick

Tell me the truth! I can handle it O.o

everything is being told to us is wrong and most of it is lies to manipulate the general population, everything is scam this and scam that, there is no truth out there and even if there was like the clip says YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH, hahahaha,

Excellent video. Looking forward to more truths!

government & The stonecutters feeding us lies

The truth is stranger than fiction!

I love this. Deceived our whole lives. When we all wake up, the elite/aristocrats are gonna have some splainin' to do!


Lol... And everything you say is true. Right...

I want my blue pill.

That's sad. You are on this post for a reason.

Jesus monkimo, it's called sarcasm.



If one wants the truth, he must always go to the very bottom of the rabbit hole

So, because you're ignorant of evolution means that others are wrong? Nope. It means you have zero education.

That's the whole point. No one that goes through the modern education system is ignorant of evolution anymore. They've made sure of that. But I know lots of people that are ignorant of the alternatives. Read up.

Do you ever respond to your supporters?screen-shot-2015-09-03-at-8-40-19-pm.png

I like! - said in Borat styely

The double meaning you speak of in the English language, is what I refer to in a more general sense as 'meta'. This phenomena has actually expanded further socially into double meaning phrases within the English language. You need to be fairly precise with your choice of words/phrase when reprogramming the subconscious mind, if there is double meaning, then it's really up for grabs on which way your subconscious will interpret it. It is likely that the dominant interpretation absorbed from a ''meta" phrase will be based on it's ease or ability of being visualized, as well as the emotion attached to the individual interpretation of the phrase.

You are exactly right about there being something nefarious in the creation/modification of the English language. The modulation of alpha waves influences speech comprehension when listening to audio. The low alpha waves produced by TV effects creativity & induces detachment, making you unfocused & open to suggestion.

It is apparent to me that in many TV shows, there is significant use of 'meta', or more accurately in regards to this discussion, it is referred to as a double entendre. This is defined as a word or phrase with a double meaning, but with the second meaning primarily having a risque or indelicate context. The risque factor causes for a greater emotional response to the phrase, which the subconscious can more readily absorb, along with any scripted phrases closely timed in sequence afterword, yet still separated by context. This is done intentionally for comedic value which most commonly can be seen in short 'laugh track' comedies, where a phrase is first introduced as a normal, but then followed by a comment that gives it sexual context. This is a different concept from the discreet methods used in which I refer to as 'meta' brainwashing. Our social adaptation to the double entendre status in the English language has led to a wide array of phrases that can be comically responded to with the annoyingly overused phrase "That's what she said." So it is clearly apparent in our social constructs that we as a society have become more sexually focused in our thinking.

I will elaborate on the methods further in a post to my feed. That was a great video you made outlining various lies being taught in our society, I'm excited to see what you post next. Following...

I totally agree.. Its all been lies.. try this rabbit hole for size....

You seem to talk in terms of black and white.
The "lies" you talk about are humanities best attempt to understand the universe we inhabit based on the limited knowledge we possess.

What is the alternative? We say we don't know and end it there? It's not as if these "lies" are stopping you from formulating your own theory or opinion. If anything, theories are proposed to encourage the pursuit of understanding.

(As for the statement of "The victor writes history". I completely agree.
But I'd say, it's better to have a story that is 50% true than no story at all.)

A man without fear, my inspiration!

Thank you for posting Jeff!! good work !
from Merida ,Yucatan


Hi Jeff! Good to have you here on Steemit. I know you have a lot to share on here so more people can open their eyes to the truth. I've stopped watching TV a long time ago because it's just full of garbage. People are buying crap. On the contrary, we can discover the truth if we just question things. Like "Is the Earth really a globe, or is is flat? "What are the cryptic symbols doing in the dollar bill? It gets crazier and crazier down the rabbit hole.I appreciate people like you who are helping humanity win again by empowering them with the truth.

I couldn't agree more. The lies are ridiculous and they are getting to be overwhelming at times. I look forward to the currency reset of whatever form comes our way. I am just ready.
We need and should be given the truth. We should also do something about those that play God and think they are in control of us. Only God is


Sometimes, even what we think is the "new" truth, is still a lie.

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts. Up-voted: hope you will visit my blog

thanks for sharing. this is a very great post @jeffberwick. thanks for this information

I want to know the truth. Too many lies have been told. Starts off in education.

A post that is very open to all of us, everything that people do around us is a lie, we can change it with the truth even if it is difficult

Interesting, are you a creationist?

You might like my work @jeffberwick if you have time check it out. We are very similar. Upvoted.

The English language is a amalgamation of other languages and formed in my opinion for legal and monetary manipulation .

Follback pleas

The questions is... do you really want to know the truth? Yes I always want to know the truth. Or do you want to live in ignorance out of fear? No I don't like to live in ignorance

Well done post, Thanks for sharing

Great post. You speak the truth, but I prefer to stay in the Matrix. The truth scares me :-(

Fecking illuminati

As some wise person once said: "The truth will set you free... but first it WILL piss you off!"

Maybe there's something to that truism that explains why so many people don't want to the truth... whatever that may be. The vast majority want "smooth sailing." They don't want to have to think for themselves. They want to be able to place their trust in some "higher authority" so they can avoid having to be personally accountable.

That... also... is the truth. And it's a truth that makes it that much more challenging for those wanting to show the world "what's really behind the curtain."

Just sayin'...

very informative, now do you take the red pill or the blue one?

According to the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, “All things are subject to interpretation. Whatever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.”

If all things are subject to interpretation then there is no truth

Walking the Dogs everyday is such a Treat, JERRY SITz

Come on Jeff even Santa! Love your work!

The truth. I'm a realist.

When you cover the scams, could label each one within your title so we know what issues you are covering? Thank you

I am NOT commenting.

Most of us would like to believe we are well-informed and rightly guided. When the truth threatens our beliefs we tend to fight it. Only those truly interested in truth will be open to the idea that they are ill-informed and misguided.

Now that's called"It's Bitter but Healthy; Truth" Upvoted and Resteemed!

You get a point. We live in a world where money and politics rules everything and ruin it indeed our inner peace and our happiness, let's be positive and change it!

What I personally found was the most daunting, slightly scary but ultimately wonderfully enlightening notion that once you ventured down this rabbit hole of lies, omissions and misdirections that there was always something new to discover.

But what would you consider the end of the rabbit hole? Would you consider it had an end? And that maybe the final end to all the lies would be the biggest, most profound and hardest to comprehend of them all. Would you even consider.........well just that, even consider the possibility?

Ive been doing so much better again eating all organic fruits and vegetables thanks to your inspiration. The past year I went downhill a bit but im back on the top of the rollercoaster again.

Lies Build the walls to the Prison. I live free in this Giant Prison though.

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If you release a transcript, or just a good old manifesto, I may read what you have to say. I admit, I'm a bit curious about what kind of lies you might mean, but I don't have the patience for videos.

I more or less agree with everything you've mentioned here. Most things in the world are subjective and even things that are "objective" like math and science can be manipulated to be more or less subjective. As a result of this subjectivity, most things can be spun in various different ways.

niice post man !!
continue you have good subjects and idea..
i support you.. @jeffberwick

great stuff here

Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

How do we know that everything you are saying is not a lie? That is the problem with lies, they are often well disguised as the truth.

maybe that's right , maybe we live in a big lie , but as always we can't learn what we want , we learn what they want to tell us

One word CONTROL. Cheers mike

Your dogs do not listen to you LOL it's awesome!

Great stuff. Here is a link to a mind unleashed article that contains 3 censored TEDx talks concerning the war on consciousness. http://themindunleashed.com/2013/06/the-war-on-consciousness.html

EVERYTHING we have been told/sold is a lie....EVERYTHING! Even if someone sounds crazy, if they are questioning things i give them credit for doing so.

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It's all true @jeffberick & by that I mean... you don't lie!

Pure, solid truth is always better than living a lie in your bubble. Inspiring posts @jeffberwick

It's not too hard to teach people the wrong sciences. Steem On!

What are the wrong sciences and the right sciences?

Most real truth tellers do not make regular rounds on MSM like CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg. Just saying. MSM does not want the masses to hear any sane analysis on all the fear mongering, hate filled crap they promote.

I have just started watching some of your videos lately, I like how you present yourself. I didn't think a quick stroll would produce so much information haha. I wish more people would wake up, it's hard to live in a society that has a one track mind. It gets harder and harder to connect with people anymore. I understand how it may happen, in the process of just trying to survive and meet expectations it leaves little room for other people to break the "programming" and think of life any other way. Great stuff.

This is a lovely post

This was my eureka moment. When I discovered that shampoo and shower gel are exactly the same thing.
Believe nothing they tell you


What if I'm AI? You wouldn't know it.

Lies have always been to key to controlling people. The fact that politicians replaced priests doesn't change anything about that. Check out my article The omnipotence of mass surveillance for another example of a huge lie that helps governments enslaving us. I'm still surprised that this has not been adressed by more people.

The truth no longer exist:)

Most of us, if not all of us certainly look through a particular lens that is shaped by the things that we interact with on a day to day basis. We don't notice these effects because they are usually rolled into our subconscious. The world is definitely not as it seems.

Everything We've Been Told Is A Lie... sure but everything is just fine, nothing happens by accident... it is the price to know the Truth as a collective. Spreading the word will increase the chance of our species' survival. It is not about individualism but cooperativism

Let's take over the world

98% of the people you talk to don't believe in AGW. There might be a selection factor going on here.

I doubt even the majority know AGW is fake @jeffberwick

Double meanings? Spanish: si is yes and if, gata is cat and prostitute, pestaña is eyelash and browser tab, hoja is leaf and piece of paper.

I was told the Earth was a sphere. A lie?😉

There are lies, conflations, misdirections and distractions. I will now turn off one right now: my tablet. Good night Steemit.

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Source: Buddha

The question is ...

Is your perception of the truth the same as my perception of the truth?

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Most of the things your say are bullshit as well, so really, doesn't make much of a difference.

Always solid posts! Thanks Jeff.

Great Question :-)

"And ye shall know the truth... and the truth shall set you free" I don't think most people want to be free!

Sir join steemit indonesia @jeffberwick

Jeff!! love you brother, we need you to come to the HODL chaincoin(CHC) experiment.

People fight against truth because the discomfort is too great. We are emotional beings and we invest ourselves emotionally into the structures and beliefs we hold.

I believe in the law of attraction. I think that it is the most important truth people have to learn - this is how life works. But, the law of attraction doesn't make it very easy for frightened and brainwashed people to change. As soon as you make a step forward, you are activating all sorts of hidden beliefs that pull you two steps back.

I feel my job as an anarchocapitalist is to help create an environment where people, once they sense or discover or just sniff pieces of the truth, feel more empowered to persist in regaining their emotional, mental and spiritual freedom. It takes a strength of consciousness to be able to win your freedom in this world infected with fear and insecurity.

So, I have no more enemies. I am free and I am so happy that I can demonstrate that freedom to others. And, hopefully, inspire them toward their own.

Bill Hicks said that it's "a choice, right now, between fear and love".

The control system is ever present. Those who can sense it, good luck. It doesn't make it easier to know.

There are ideas that will change you, as you now are or were. Be careful what you allow in. Realize that most of what you've let in already, came from the testimony of others, unfiltered testimony.

It's awesome to see so many people awake to these things. Great job putting the info out there, Jeff. Have a great day!

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