After Officer Is Killed In The Line Of Duty, Woman Reminds Us What We Should Be Sharing

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Last week, a police officer in Baltimore County was killed in the line of duty. The 29-year-old officer responded to an afternoon phone call and was killed during a confrontation with the suspects.A couple days later, Ash Leigh of Bel Air, MD, posted the slain officer's photo on Facebook and asked people to share it. This is why...

"that is amy. that is what desires to be shared.

amy became a police officer in baltimore county. amy went to work looking to make a distinction. amy placed her uniform on everyday, by no means second guessed it and left her family at the back of. she drove her police car, listened to her radio and took every name. she saw matters that no human must should. she stood proud and loved what she did. amy in no way concept that her existence might cease.

amy changed into a human. a human that deserved to live.

she has a family, a husband, a domestic. she had a world outdoor of the kevlar, out of doors of the glock, out of doors of the badge. she had dinner plans, weekend plans and holiday thoughts. she had desires and aspirations, and a right to head domestic.

i didn't recognize amy. but i recognize many like her.

my husband has been a deputy for 17 years. i couldn't inform you what number of calls he's responded to much like amy's final. how in many instances he's approached a stranger to protect the general public. how frequently he is put his lifestyles on the road. how generally our pals have achieved that. virtually, i don't even want to consider it.

but i will tell you some other things. i can tell you what velcro feels like. the thump of labor boots, a glock going right into a holster, a badge hitting the kitchen table, what an impala appears like coming down my courtroom at 2am, and bullets in the dryer. (yes, that does occur) and i'm able to let you know the relief that a number of these sounds motive. why alleviation? because i realize he's home.

we should not proportion the humans that did this to her. we need to share her. have fun her. remember her.

amy will be laid to rest this week. i'm able to watch my husband go through the motions. he's going to pull out his honor defend uniform, arrange all of his pins, make sure the ropes are ideal on his shoulder. he'll shine his footwear, shine is belt, and discover his hat. he'll search for a new pair of white gloves, iron his get dressed shirt and stand tall along with his brothers and sisters. unluckily, that is now the brand new regular for them. the very last send off, the very last goodbye.

as a spouse you by no means think about in the event that they do not come domestic. you can't. you may pressure yourself crazy. you live every day like it's normal. is it constantly inside the lower back of your head? do you've got plans in case the most horrible aspect happens? yes. however you by no means stay.

a few years in the past we had been baltimore county. harford county is aware of all too well what that is like.

i pray for her husband

i ask that human beings now not proportion the pathetic souls that did this to her. share her, percentage her lifestyles and her tale. encourage people to want to be like her. we need extra human beings like her on this global. proportion tales about her fellow officials. ask if they're ok. proportion stories about how they keep the arena one radio name at a time. communicate approximately all of the desirable that they do. show the bright side of our skinny blue line.. due to the fact lord is aware of that it is a very misunderstood concern.

we need humans to want to make a difference. it's the only chance our kids have.

rest smooth amy. you realize they have it from right here. watch over them, look after them. they need you to have their six."

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