Kinda sick

in life •  last year

So i caught some sort of head cold or something. With the help of medication I've made it to class and work ok, but I've definitely got stupid brain until this goes away.

I'm gonna go spend a day or two reading on Royal road and hope for recovery before class starts for real on Monday.

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I've got whatever the bug is going around and it's brutal. Even a week later, it feels like I've got sludge for brains and could sleep for 24 hours straight. Best of luck catching up on rest--get better soon!

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FYI I use colonial silver when I start catching a cold....... the stuff helps me to get over things very quickly!

Thank you for the support. I hope you got rid of the cold. My advice, a shot (or two) of Jack Daniels. Seriously, vitamin C works well for me.

I send you my wish for wellness as I have nothing else that might help. Get well soon.