What controls our life?

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What controls our life is the meaning that we associate to a given situation. The meaning you associate will determine your behavior.
If we want to change our lives we must change our neuro-associations. We need to change our condition response to our environment. All our neuro-associations are controlling and directing your life. What they direct and control is your motivation level what you willing to do or not do. Every single action you take as little it may seem has an effect in your life. By making some simple changes in what we link to things we can change our behavior. Your destiny is based in your daily behavior.

What are some things in your life that you just change the meaning you had to this things it will literally changes your destiny? It means changes the way how you feel, the kind of results you got in your life everyday, the direction you are heading and ultimate your destination.

Our neuro-associations drive us even when they don't have any sense, for example can you get somebody to do something that is destructive, just by get their brain to link up that is gonna be pleasurable?
Classic example world war 2, the Japanese develop this group of people called "KAMIKAZE" pilots people that kill themselves, how they pull that of? Real simple they got them to associate dying something that will be very painful to be ultimate pleasure why? Because it will honor your family, it will honor your country and plus you will go to a place that is much better then here where is ultimate pleasure.

We can train people to do anything. We need to be very careful about the neuro-associations we create because a lot of them in our life are negative. That means that we link things up that don't relate and controls our lives.

How we create neuro-associations? You are always creating associations in your mind. You are always anchoring things in your mind. For example when you ear a song that remembers someone you had a relationship with. That is called anchor that is a neuro-association.
That is how our brain works. Those associations are happening all the time and sometimes they totally disempowering us and sometimes they are nothing to do with reality. A lot of times in life we link up things, the reason I didn't succeed is because of this, this happened in my life because of this. A lot of our neuro-associations have no basis in reality, they feel real to us, but they are totally disempowering because they have nothing to do with actually went on.

If you want to change the direction of your life, your ultimate destiny, and how you feel now, you need to change these neuro-associations.

What will be the ultimate neuro-associations that you need in order to create the destiny you really want, what will be your associations that you will create or link to things like learning, growing, giving, money, relationships and power?

What are some of the negative neuro-associations that maybe are holding you back and what are some of the ones that will empower what you need?

Be aware of them, write down them and evaluate what is serving you. Just by identify them and if you want to eliminate them just if you link enough pain to keeping them and pleasure to change them, your brain will find a way, will complete the process.

As always, your friend.


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