There is no such thing as lucky!

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Sometimes we look at people that are in a position of great success in their careers now, doesn't matter if it's a great soccer player, a phenomenal brain surgeon, a great investor in the stock market or a traditional business owner and we think he or she is really lucky.

What we don't see behind is all the hours they put in the doing, in the work it self, we don't see how many hours they work a day, in some cases we can even affirm day and night, maybe 14 to 16 hours a day, Monday to Sunday, and don't forget no HOLIDAYS.

So there are really people willing to work 16 hours a day?

If you didn't saw yet the movies The Social Network and Jobs it's a good start to have one ideia, there you can understand how Apple and Facebook in this example were started.

Do you think Amazon, Uber, Airbnb and Microsoft just a few examples were created from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday?

Being a Entrepreneur is a way of life, is not a thing you have on and sometimes you can turn it off.

Even when Entrepreneurs are in vacations somehow they find a way of being connected to their businesses, it's their baby so they need to take care of and even when they don't have direct connection by phone or internet mentally they are thinking how they can serve better their customers, how it's possible to do even more then it's being done now.

This description above doesn't mean is forever, it means specially in the beginning is fundamental be like, is not different like a rocket when is going up in the phase of taking off, it will use the most of the fuel, so is the same with you, you need to be obsess or you will be average, and by the way average people achieve average results.

If you are more into sports like soccer or any another sport for example see the 2 movies that Cristiano Ronaldo has about his life and you will understand how a champion is made of!

Bottom line if you have passion for what you're doing you will be willing to put in the extra hours.

Most of people now live for Friday's night but in most of cases even they will plan better that weekend that is coming then their lives in a short and long term.

It's really interesting to see, what common people post in social media when everything we see in general looks like there is a dream magical night waiting for them in the weekends the night of Friday and Saturday and then that somehow when Sunday night arrives turns into a nightmare a "oh no tomorrow is another Monday".

So let's go by Monday.

Nooo today is still just Tuesday.

Come on we are already in the middle of the week today is Wednesday.

UF almost there today is Thursday and...

UPI thank God today is Friday!!!

Sunday night starts all over again.

Don't get me wrong if you just want to have a job it's ok with that nothing against it, after all we need good people also as employees for corporations but if you have a entrepreneur bone you just can't have a job, you even don't support that ideia of being working for someone else dream.

Let's say for example you're a professor, and you love to teach, or you will all your life be a traditional professor, nothing against all the good professors in the world, but if you are a entrepreneur you will create a for example and don't gonna stay just working for a school.

"The harder I work the luckier I get" perhaps you know this saying and is very accurate.

Nothing is free in this world everything has a price and the more value you provide, the more problems you will solve, more the market place will compensate you, is just simple as that.

Of course in some situations the timing and the place where we were born can give a little advantage but even like that there is no such thing as lucky!

So for your own good if you make it here so far means you want more from your life so please do a huge favor to yourself, please define what you like, your passion, learn about the subject, become an expert, a professional, define your mission, choose a mentor, invest in yourself, learn and then share with the world and the world will take care of you!

PS: By the way have a great week ;)


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