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This series of life tweaks are some of the greatest and simplest pleasures that I have come across in my own life. Without further ado...

Life Tweak #3

I thought this Life Tweak was quite fitting as we head into the weekend. Enjoying a perfect margarita on a hot summer night is a favorite past time of mine. I wanted to draw your attention to the main attraction in the picture above... THE MIX. We could spend a great deal discussing tequilas, but I will reserve that for later.

The star in my most favorite margarita is this Tres Agaves Organic margarita mix. I came across this mix 4 years ago in a very small liquor store in Mn. The older I get the more I appreciate enjoying quality products. This margarita mix can be a little pricier than some of those other crappy mixes, but I assure you it is worth every cent. I bought this bottle at a local grocery store (Publix) for about $8. The mix comes in a 33.8 oz glass bottle and is 68 calories per serving. The ingredients speak for themselves:
Simply add 2 parts of your favorite tequila to 3 parts of this Tres Agaves mix. Add ice and shake. You now have yourself a perfect margarita! The flavor of this mix is so clean and complimentary to the tequila. Do yourself a favor... next time you want to enjoy a margarita, pick up a bottle of this Tres Agaves organic margarita mix. As you sit down to enjoy your perfect creation I assure you that you will be smiling to yourself ... such pride.

Enjoy life my friends!

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Interesting ( on the list it goes lol). Tequila and I have a bumpy rough relationship :p, my bday is cinco de mayo :). Good one!


I will be trying this! Gracias

· tasty! Let me know what you think