Cleaning Up The Gate Way To The Lungs Of The Earth.

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American Xena Randnor first visited Peru in 2017 to study plant-based medicines as well as to take a journey and experience personal growth while filming a documentary.


Randnor had arrived on the long anticipated journey, after hearing about a village called Belen in Iquitos that was rumored to be one of the most run-down and ignore places in the entire country, Xena sprang into action while on her trip and began to organizing a movement among the locals to do something about cleaning up the trash.




Because of the city's geographical location the Peruvian government completely ignores the people of Belen offering no relief in the form of aid and by default was causing the city's trash to collect over the year in rivers that ran throughout the village.


Xena discovered that it was not out of laziness villagers and locals had not already sprung into action but out of a lack of proper education about the value of Sanitation that led to the crisis experienced by people from the humble town in Peru.


The work began as a movement to inspire locals as a community to get together and show some pride for the land they live on by orchestrating an effort to clean the village. When word of the effort reached neighboring towns the story must have struck a nerve with people as a movement had been born and people had begun pouring into Liquitos to help the townspeople reclaim their pride and the lands natural beauty that had been buried underneath at least ten years of garbage.



For the people living along the Waterway in the small village in Peru the experience has been a complete success as Radnor continues to lead an effort that is currently in the process of raising funds to continue bringing more of the supplies needed to properly establish elements like a school to teach young people about being clean and better educate locals about the danger of poor Waste Management and the benefits of recycling.


Lquitos is positioned at the northern mouth of the Amazon. This Village in Peru is considered to be the gateway to the "lungs of the Earth" In other words, this Village is the last of the large villages before a traveler ventures deep into the jungle. Cleaning this town and helping locals restore dignity among villagers is a very sincere cause that deserves to be given a few moments of everyone's attention.

Photos Showing a Cleaner Town <3




If you want to learn more about the project you can follow Xena on her Facebook page at:

Or you can help Xenas cause by sharing this message or helping to fund the progress.

As Radnor gets closer to creating a non-profit, she is receiving donations for materials at:

PayPal -

Venmo - Ramona-McGowan

Original story:

YouTube video:

Thank you for taking a second check out this post. Please leave a comment letting Xena know what you think of her effort, I'm going to try and Wrangle her onto Steemit because I feel like her cause deserves to be heard on a proper platform such as the one we have here. In the meantime have a fantastic week, I look forward to reading you're response if you have a second to post.

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Beautiful ..
The fact that doing good needs a personal will
And such positive cases increase our optimism
good job ..
Thanks for sharing


Nice postingan
Thank you the inspuration


my woman,,My special kadınıma @umity

It's amazing that people like Xena are out there fighting the "good fight" in a world filled with poverty and despair! And It's great You are bringing more recognition for them to a community of people who are interested in a new an better world, free from the system and the weight of having no possibilities, buried under a mountain of trash. If we can inspire each other to make this world a better place! One Piece of trash at a Time!

nice post

Absolutely beautiful! Let's get her here!


I am on it ;D


amazing :)


Yes, please!! I second this motion! :D
I would absolutely love to read more about her project!

I am wondering, what are the plans for the garbage? You mentioned recycling. Horray!! But, what about the things that can't be recycled? What is their situation with landfill access, or reuse/repair/repurpose possibilities? Just curious if this is something they are working on. Anyway-- This is so freakin' cool that Xena is doing this, I am glad I came across your post and can't wait to read more. Following you :)

Nice effort... this is changing the community and more importantly people lives are being brought to an improved higher level.


Yes it would be super cool if someone like her can be rewarded!

First salute to Zena Randnor from my heart, I'm strange what an achievement by Xena Randnor, Dear @jazminmillion you have mention many of the garbage photo as ever, which type of place i think i had never seen in before, this looking as a deeply garbage area, where any person can hate this but Zena Randnor was an alternative one who overcome the irrecoverable place, i hope She obviously deserve as an reward for great kindness mind-ship... Ohh, i'm inspired,,,,

Xena Randor is one of the people this world need today, very happy to see that a single person can single handedly make such a different and such an impact even when the government couldn't . I do work how they survived with garbage flowing through their rivers , so many diseases would spread . And she's even trying to get supplies for a school, thank you jaminmillion for spreading her name

This is a great project, i feel identified because its not different the situation in my country Venezuela, the government dont work for the people, just want to steal. they have my support. see u.

words simply cannot give the true meaning of your dedication.

Very nice....
I Like it bro....
continue your activities...

It is good to know about this! Definitely want to know more about this project! Very good post, thanks for sharing!!!

Great work. I did a lot of the same type of work in Pisco (just to the beach outside of Ica) out there back in 2010 and 2011 with Pisco Sin Fronteras.
Looks very familiar. I think follow up if the most important thing to really instill the needed education. Sadly, returning to schools where we implemented recycling programs, were being ignored just months later by the teachers as well as the children. There is a huge lack of understanding and education when it comes to taking care of the planet they live on. I'm so happy you are doing this and hope I can help in the future with more projects. You got my follow, keep it up!

Also, please check out my new page and upvote/follow me if you can. Here is a quick post I put this morning, thanks!

It is incredible the hard work and the equipment that can be formed, the extreme amount of waste could be recycled, although I think that the complicated thing will be in the classification of the usable materials and those that do not, I like to find this series of topics in steem, following you .

O man. Somuch bad plastic.

That is some serious clean up work.

Wow... The improvement is remarkable. Keep up the good the good work @Xena Randor

Wao really great project, may God fill it with blessings so they can achieve their goal, work on the team is easier, faster and more fun, excellent initiative and thanks for sharing it with the entire Steemit community, good luck and greetings from Venezuela.

Wahhh ...
Sungguh tugas yang mulia, lanjutkan perjuanganmu sobat

This is so beautiful.

Recycling is the only one solution to remove dirt and getting a new thing from the same garbage. This is so cool that what she did so far with her study.An Impressive way to mention all the things in detail with live pictures

Clean your City and Get lives Healthy. I learned this from your post that's why I followed you. :)

I hope someday there will be more new Xena who cares and are aware of the environment.
Thank you Xena wherever you are

This reminds me of that episode of Avatar the last airbender when they work together to clean a polluted river to save a town and its people. Keep up the good work!

Good article @jazminmillion! We are linking to this particularly great content on our website. Keep up the good writing.
This is a very good tip, brief but very accurate info… Many thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!


I am trying to get Xena on the site, we may be lucky!


wow great , am waiting for your response, when ever you do that kindly just intimate me that is a great pleasure for me @jazminmillion

In India we have started Zero Waste Management Practices in small towns successfully. We encourage household to seggregate wet waste and dry waste in separate bins. In this way vegetable waste is collectes separately amd dry waste is collected separately from homes.. vegetable waste or food waste is composted and dry waste like paper, plastic is sent for recycling to make new products.. this is the only way to tackle garbage..

There are special people who make the change and make you see that all is not lost on the planet, it is admirable that without resources, the inhabitants of this town in Iquitos will be able to become aware of this situation.

Nice read. It's just sad to see how polluted the earth has become because of our irresponsibility and human nature. Good thing there's still people out there who cares about our mother Earth.

This is a great project, i feel identified because its not different the situation in my country Venezuela, the government dont work for the people, just want to steal. they need to support. wish you guys very very good luck. You are going to do great job. Keep it up. Hats off!! @transisto @jazminmillion

Great effort, this is superb! The villagers there will appreciate your kindness to started this cleaning campaign. The village looks so much better without the garbage.

i like its ur post

gut davon zu wissen

this is the main reason of so many viruses.

I would love to read more about her stories

Awesome post like it and upvoted...
keep it up

Good work and plans. But you should be more specific to you plans and projects. Still very nice work to be started.

It is good to know about this! Definitely want to know more about this project! Good thing there's still people out there who cares about our mother Earth @jazminmillion

really love to see some body is trying to to live good i mean .. you are awesome .

it is great plan for garbage but there ia alot of thing present which cannot recycle and people burnt them which coz alot of pollution in atmosphere and main cause is ozen layer depletion...

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Great post, excellent initiative and thanks for sharing it with the entire Steemit community. Greetings from Latin America.

very good read!

Best content ,please follow back

awesome photography keep it up and follow you

I've no language to thanks Zena Randnor, as a brilliant effort to freshness, She is an fresh minded person unless who can't repair this, we need to follow her for our freshness @jazminmillion

everyone should clean own house own country our planet @jazminmillion

Follow me please please please

It a very nice project, may God reward you.

Excellent post friend is a story that motivates. It's amazing that people like Xena are fighting the "good fight" in a world full of poverty and despair! And it's great.

Is it possible to have 0% of trash a day? If this possible, then I can think it can really help our community to have a better world with no mountain of trash.

I'm curious what the follow-up is now? Did she come in and empower the local communities to make long lasting changes?

I was struck by post. I wanted to see more.

She is doing great job! If in the world would be more people like Xena our world getting better as a human being we have to care of to each other despite of our nationality, skin and faith. Some of us dont want or cant understand that we are all the same and we have one world thanks @jazminmillion

thank you for support

I love this post.

good post

It is because they resteemed I upvote myself for taking my time.

Awesome post. Kindness always pay @jazminmillion

happy family

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Nice to see they family

Patut di contoh dan di tiru...luar biasa