Sign This Petition To Stop Craig Wright From Copyrighting The Bitcoin White Paper

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From patents to copyright claims, Wright never stops!

An online petition to remove Craig Wright’s name from a copyright claim submitted earlier this week has surfaced after his latest effort to lay claim to the fact he authored the original Bitcoin $BTC▼3.04% white paper.

Link for petition:

In an attempt to scratch his latest patent filing fetish itch, the Satoshi Nakamoto impersonator tried to put his name against the Bitcoin white paper and code by filing a registration with the US Copyright Office, CoinDesk reported yesterday.

Naturally, the cryptocurrency community hasn’t taken this lying down. One enterprising individual took it upon themselves to make a petition to remove Wright’s name from any copyright documents associated to Bitcoin.

At the time of writing, the petition has 146 signatures, and that number is rising by the minute. The petition appears to have been started on May 22, according to

Unless you’ve been living with your head under a rock, Wright has continually claimed to be the original creator of Bitcoin, also known as Satoshi Nakamoto. However, on more than one occasion, he has failed to provide substantive evidence that this is true.

I signed the petition, you can too by clicking here.

Link for petition:

(Not that petitions ever lead to any real change – consider it a public barometer of disdain.)

Published May 22, 2019

Written by Matthew Beedham

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He's good at coming up with these lame PR stunts unfortunately. His name shouldn't be on any official documents pertaining to the bitcoin white paper - only SATOSHI should be on there, whoever they are/were.

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There is an an going case against this guy by the family of a deceased programmer from florida who is supposedly to be the real satoshi nakamoto or part of the original early developers. The family charge Craig of committing fraud and trying to steal the Bitcoins of the dead bitcoin developer.

If there is a pending case which relates to the ownership of these bitcoins which supposedly owned by Satoshi Nakamoto then I don't see his Patent application can move forward.

Moreover some of the BTC addresses that Craig claimed to be his was signed by another person via the blockchain saying that That very address is not him.

The thing is I strongly believe that Satoshi Nakamoto is not one person and if he is Bitcoin was born not solely of one person's effort but by the effort of bitcoin community developers.

If in an extra ordinary event that he is the inventor of Bitcoin perhaps he can be held partly liable of all crimes related to bitcoin. He wants power over it then he should have accountability for its use.

You people are sick to be attacking the person who gave you crypto. What a sad day.


Craig is not Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows who or what entity Satoshi Nakamoto is. Whoever is Nakamoto could easily prove it by transferring some exact amount at an exact time, announced beforehand, of the funds in the account that is known to be controlled by "Satoshi Nakamoto". Nobody, including Craig has ever done that.

Any fool can claim to be Sakamoto. Craig is no fool but he is very eccentric to say the least. The burden of proof is very much on him.

Dude just proved he's not Satoshi by trying to copyright crypto. He must be one seriously lonely man and have next to no sex life I would imagine. What a douchebag.

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No need to... losing sanity will stop him at some point.

So this dude made 150 bucks by copying an article about a petition i wrote? Cool

edit: So turns out that money was used to promote it, sorry i have no idea how steemit works


No, this dude spent almost 150$ to get this post on top of trending about this petition.


people have no clue ;p


I too have no idea, up vote for you


prolly made 2.75 ;p after the advertising.

The issue is strong

Come on, will the real satoshi please stand up, please stand up. Move a coin, stop this fake fella and put him in cuff.

Thanks for this post.

Tada! I do not want to get sued! (Joke)

Even if he approves it it wouldn’t cause any harm because it’s only an approval of an idea. He will not get any Bitcoins for this)

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excelente publicacion

This guy seems to be operating out of greed if you ask me. Why would he do such a thing, knowing he is not the creator of the coin. What are his plans if he actually succeeds in his attempt. Only time will tell if this is actually true or if its just a stunt to push the price of the cryptocurrency.

Craig Wright is not real Satoshi Nakamoto. I never believe it. Satoshi Nakamoto never exposes his identity.

Calling it a "Public barometer of disdain" is right. We signed!

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This is miserable, how someone claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto who created bitcoin, the first crypto. I only know for sure, the creator of the veil coin is James Burden and his team


So, I'm the furthest thing from an authority on this particular subject since my first real intro to crypto has spun from meeting the Steemit community, and subsequently falling down the digital currency rabbit hole.

But, I remember when Bitcoin was first introduced. My husband received an e-mail inviting him to take part in buying Bitcoin while it was still new. We considered it, but decided we were too broke. We were literally living off of ramen at the time. But it seems like the impression I had of the Satoshi Nakamoto name was that the developer or entity was supposed to be anonymous because the concept that Bitcoin rose from shouldn't be patented. I feel like one of the first articles I read about Bitcoin and the trouble it stirred was that it was a currency that was meant to break old barriers.
Or do I have that completely wrong?