(Inter)National Suicide Prevention Day

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Mum and Me, c.1974


My mother ended her own life in 2006 after numerous attempts, having battled with depression for many years.

I have fended off suicidal ideation myself, on and off, for many years.

Since my wonderful Raven entered my life, I have every reason (and a duty of care) to live my life fully and heal myself from trauma. Motherhood has been the catalyst for a transformation in my thinking and actions, and this, in turn, has lead me to a far healthier place than ever before. The drive to model good mental, physical and emotional health for my child has led to a growing understanding of myself, of the human condition, and of where we've all been going wrong.


Even still, I have my moments.

Depression and suicide need to be brought into the light, not kept in the doghouse of dogma and stigma. People are LEAST likely to reach out when they are most down. Remember that. If you have concerns, spend TIME with the one you're concerned about, or make sure that somebody else is.


Learn about energy healing. Heal yourself. Become a healer. We have the power within us. SOCIETAL PROGRAMMING makes us sick. This PROGRAMMING turns us against each other - even a mother against her children, which leads, all too often, to us turning in on ourselves and lashing out at the society which crippled us. SOCIETAL PROGRAMMING makes us depressed. SOCIETAL PROGRAMMING makes us believe, when we're at our lowest, that ending our lives is 'the only way out'.

In short, our societal programming drives us away from the love and the light within us; away from the knowledge of the Wonder that we truly are. But there is a way out of this hell we have made for ourselves, and that way is to rediscover who we truly are and teach that truth to our children. We can and must change this destructive mindset. It serves only those who would rule and control us, only those who profit from our smallness and our misery.


Love like there's no tomorrow. Be kind, to yourself and to others. Not the trite, cliched kind of kind - KIND. KINDRED.

We're in this together. We are all One, even as we are distinct and individual and separate. We are cells in the body of humankind. Let's begin to work in harmony together. As Peter Cornell so eloquently expressed in his passage mourning his beloved brother Chris today on Facebook, with hindsight we can all see 'where we went wrong', where we could have done more. It torments us. It haunts us. So let's do more NOW, for those of us still living. We've got this, brothers and sisters.

With love, Jay


Me and Mum, 2000

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Sorry for the loss of your mum while glad you’re feeling better yourself


Thank you, kwyt <3 It was a very difficult relationship, that's for sure. I have tried to use it as a model for what NOT to do with my own life, if you see what I mean. Earlier in life that led me to a lot of rebellious, very destructive behaviour. I'm still learning how to really BE ME without (as Marshall Rosenberg said) 'giving them the power to make you submit or rebel.' It's an art in and of itself!