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I am getting just a LITTLE bit tired of how grossly self-absorbed the human race can be!


What is it with people these days?! Everything is about "me, myself and I" - nobody seems to have any REAL time for anyone else anymore.

Is it because we are all just "that busy"? Surely that cannot be?! - I see so many people wasting PLENTY of time all over the place, every single day! So why not rip yourself away from your coffee, book, phone or whatever it is that you are absorbed in and actually SPEAK to someone that bloody counts!

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Have you ever played the game "pass the parcel"? What a ridiculously disappointing game!

So at the beginning - there is this HUGE parcel that get passed around from one person to the next and as the "whistle" is blown it gets stopped and one layer is unwrapped. Again and again this is continued until eventually... the ENORMOUS box that was started with, is nothing more than a bloody piece of bubblegum or something stupid like that!

(If you are awake enough, you will get where I am going with this...)

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If not... here is the explanation:

So... the self absorbed humans are the ones with the large greedy eyes on the prize... waiting with baited breath to be "the one" that gets "the prize"...passing the parcel from one to the next...

The "parcel" is that "person" - unrecognised and completely unappreciated - repeatedly being passed from one to the next, used for every little ounce that they are worth... again and again and AGAIN AND AGAIN until...

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oh dear... there is nothing left but a little piece of bubblegum!

and then, the self absorbed idiot that wins, is still disappointed because all he/she got was a piece of "bubblegum"

and I have to beg the question... did you not SEE the box getting smaller and smaller as the "game" unfolded?

and you still wonder why there was nothing left at the end of the day....?

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Perhaps if you had been grateful for the large box that offered you nothing other than its ENORMOUS presence in the first place, then you might still have it.... all pretty and wrapped with a ribbon!

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I really like this post! You are absolutely right about how people are these days.

When reading about the game I had another perception I would like to offer.

What if the box is the person as you say and the layers are all the layers we put on ourselves. Covering our true self underneath.

The bubblegum, when you finally get there, is us.

Our true inner self that rarely gets shown, yet now you've now been given the chance to see. :)

Anyway, I'm sure the person that gets the prize is still just as disappointed because they really just don't get it.

Don't stop searching hun, you are finding answers :)

you are a beautiful soul x

Wow, thanks @jaynie. I think you are also!

thank you :)

You are most welcome!

i like u already. can u follow back @jaynie

wow miss are a poetry pure

thank you

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A lot of people take things for granted! Don't even get me started on those who don't bother thanking you for holding the door open for them. I always make sure I thank someone who does that for me.

so true hey! There is a lot to be said for "the small things". Thank you the feedback hon! :)


good post

thank you. appreciate the positive feedback :)

Ha ha, gimme my box!

hahahaha NO! :P ;)

First there was the magazine called life then the magazine called people then the magazine called US then the magazine called Self , most people in a nutshell but happily on steemit I haven't met people like that but I meet someone everyday in the real world that is self absorbed and selfish.. Its sad

@cecirod1218 also a fantastic analogy! thank you for sharing and also for taking the time to read my post. It is always very rewarding when it resonates with others xxx