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Something struck me today whilst watching my son… He is somehow always “removed” from social situations.


No, don’t misunderstand that statement. He is a very sociable little boy who according to his teachers is very popular amongst his peers. What I am referring to is that he CHOOSES to remove himself from the “crowd”.

Although I have always been aware of his “selectiveness” – today, for (whatever reason) it hit me!
My son chooses wisely!


It is weird how you can be obliviously aware of something for so long and then in one moment, your eyes are suddenly opened.

We live in a townhouse complex which has LOADS of kids. The structure of the development itself is fantastic for kids and as parents it is wonderful, because they can ride their bikes, play cricket, soccer, visit friends, whatever – and you never have to worry about them. You have all the moms and dads numbers and it’s as simple as messaging to find out “who has your kid” on any particular day.


Jude however, is enormously particular about who he plays with – and often simply says “no I don’t want to play with them today”. As parents, we try to encourage him to go and play - you know… sunshine, fresh air and all that jazz… but – if he has made his mind up, then that’s it.

So we have accepted this – as we should.

There are days where we won’t see him until the sun goes down and that’s great… but if he doesn’t want to he doesn’t.
Today he went gallivanting outside and whilst cooking dinner, I peered out the kitchen window, only to see all the other kids playing soccer, and Jude playing some creative imaginary game next to a tree.


I went upstairs to go sort out the laundry and peered out the window again, to see him still playing by the tree, but then demanding that the rest of them “pause” the game, he needed to finish something and then he was coming back to play.

Well, I couldn’t help but giggle! - And they all listened to him too! Hehe

Perhaps I need to explain why I giggle at this…


Jude is seven – and he is, well… not tall ;)

He is always the shortest in his class. But… he makes up for it in personality. Lol

So it is always rather amusing to see this little 7 year old ordering around the kids in our complex, who range from his age right up to approx. 13 years of age. Hehe


I have de-railed somewhat… haha!

My point was - he was present – but removed.

Earlier this evening @enginewitty commented on one of Jude’s Youtube videos which was a few snapshots from his karate grading…. And so I watched it again (you know… because I am his mom, and I never get enough of seeing him be awesome) and suddenly I noticed that he ALWAYS removes himself from the crowd. So I went back to examine the original videos and every single time they had to do “cutters” – he stood at least a metre or two away from everyone else.


In one moment, I looked at my little boy and myself and thought to myself….hmmmm…

The apple definitely doesn’t fall far from the tree! Hehe

I have never been one to follow the crowd. I have always been scrutinised and judged but despite that, I have always stayed strong in “who I am” – and yes, I am a leader, and from what I can see… so is my little boy.

No, I am not always the fastest or the smartest. That is not what defines a leader.

Like my son, a leader is strong! They are resilient and have a level of staying power that many lack. They think outside the box and they are problem solvers. They are compassionate but simultaneously realistic. They are hard but empathetic. They are busy and often overloaded but remain organised. They are occupied, but always free to give of their time.

Leaders are, to my mind anyway – are often the people you least suspect to be such.

The more I watch my little man grow, the more I realise what an amazing little soul I have the pleasure of sharing my life with.
He was recently reprimanded at school because he told his teacher that the “example of explanation” which she was about to demonstrate, was not going to work. He was dismissed by the teacher and… yip, you guessed it – it DIDN’T WORK. (lol… quiet mommy giggle!) – even the teacher laughed when telling me the story. (At least she acknowledged his foresight. Lol)


I Hope he NEVER changes!!!!

We all have AMAZiNG gifts to share with those that we cross paths with. I know that my little man will probably always stand alone to a degree, but that is what makes him so brilliantly unique and that is ok.

He gets it from his mother! Hehe ;)


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How wonderful that a child his age can entertain himself and is happy with his own personality and can be alone or amongst others . He obviously already knows who and what he is


He certainly does @anneke and yes, he is a beautifully content little soul. :)

He might be a creator, many of those have been being born during these years.


good point... he is a very creatively inventive little boy :) Thanks for the comment @fitted333

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