Thought of The Day 13.07.2018 (Friday)

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Thought of The Day 13.07.2018

--->General Quote
patience is a productivity factor which keeps you persistent in working on your work - Abder Rahman Ali

--->Engineering Quote
Art without engineering is dreaming
Engineering without art is a calculation. - Steven Roberts

--->Architecture Quote
Having different types of stocks in your portfolio can enhance returns. - Kenneth Fisher

--->Management Quote
You can have all the potential in world,
t but unless you have confidence, you have nothing. - Tyra Banks

--->Motivational Quote
The tragedy in life doesn't lie in not reaching your goal.
The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach. - Benjamin Mays

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Jaymin Vekariya
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Very nice thought

nice thought! you got my upvote!

thanks bro, u motivate me

That's an amazing post mate. Keep it up

very true deductions!

The way u categorised thoughts...its just awesome... great job...keep working

Congratulations,this post got upvote 90%

Excellent post

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