Lifelong Customers

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When I started in the world of sales, the culture of my country taught that successful sellers were those with the most verbosity, so that they could convince customers and achieve their goals. That changed with the passing of the years, and that type of salesman was losing strength and opening the way to the new generation, the generation of the "Emotional Sellers". This last one, without many words, seek to give in the background of the emotions of the customers and thus achieve their mission. In fact, the current culture teaches that "if it doesn’t excite, it doesn’t sell".

I’m agree with the need of excite your customers, but being a salesman goes far beyond touching the visceral depths of people, since emotions in many cases tend to be temporary, and I have seen many clients disappoint with their products once purchased.

My concept of a seller:

"What I feel about what I know, will determine what I will do"

A seller must send his message to two levels of his clients: A mental and emotional level.

The mental level is reached when our clients understand that our services or products can generate in them one of two things: Improve their quality of life or avoid suffering. For this, it is important to know your client and understand the way they see life (if they are optimistic or pessimistic, if they are cheerful or bitter, etc).

The emotional process will be revealed in the way you react; your questions, your gestures and actions. At this point our prior preparation and our attitude are fundamental, so that we can take advantage of each of these emotions in our clients to turn them into actions which close our deal or business.

I still have clients or friends who call me for products that I stopped selling in my first years.

After all, ** we must see the profession of sales as the means to raise the quality of life of other people, if we do so, we will have “Lifelong Customers”**

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