Don’t Worry About Competition - It’s Actually A Good Thing

in life •  last year

Forget the Competition, Build Your Business.

Don’t spend time worrying about your competition. The more time you spend worrying about others, the less time you are learning, grinding and creating. Focus only on dominating your craft, and acquiring as much knowledge as possible to give you an advantage over others

Your customers will gravitate to your specific style and uniqueness. The way you market, advertise, brand your products, appear on camera or the way you speak can all help attract customers that relate to your style or personality.

Competition is actually a good thing. If there is a lot of competition in a particular market, that means there are also plenty of potential buyers. If I’m researching a niche and I find there is very little competition, this is a huge red flag for me that customers are not interested in purchasing products in that market (unless it’s a brand new market or product). 

Focus on yourself. 

What are YOUR talents, skills and passions? How can you master and monetize your craft?  Once you figure this out, you will dominate.

Until next time!

Jason Gandy

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