5 Hobbies to replace bad habbits

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Do you have a hobby you want to replace?

I've created a list of some things that either will be fun or will help you out in the long term. If you watch tv a lot, play too many video games, smoke, drink, etc, you should try some of these things. If you already do something on the list, drop a comment and give us some input!

    You can never go wrong with this. Eating out will cost you plenty of money. Some banks offer a service where yearly they show you how much you spent on a certain thing and eating out is one. In case you want to know if you spend way too much. Countless benefits of cooking at home. From learning and trying out new foods to possibly finding something you love to do. You will be cooking a lot throughout your lifetime you might as well make an exquisite meal! I would say this is hard as over time you will keep finding better spices and messing with different types of oil. Just don't burn down the house!

    This doesn't have to mean lifting weights and running countless miles daily. But you can go an easier route like hiking. Walking through a forest. If you live near a beach you're unbelievably lucky that would be such a peaceful walk. If you don't like that just try stretching and some yoga. Stretching is very good for your body and you will be surprised that being flexible can change a lot of things for you. Biking in cities can be something you won't regret. You can see and explore plazas you haven't been in before. Adding in some meditation and the end of any of these would be the cherry on top.

    This will help you in so many ways. Random knowledge of any topic or deeply study
    ing a topic will open doors. Continuing conversations or creating some with strangers by knowing what they love will help you make friends. Reading will also improve your vocabulary. If you're in college and are bored during the summer, buy the books ahead of time or do research on the topic beforehand so your semester can go by easier.

  4. Volunteer
    This is one which will have you going to sleep happy. Helping out your community in any way possible. This can also be a way to socialize and meet many people. This is a win win scenario, but this could be a weekly thing if you love it. If you don't know where to go just google volunteering for your zip code, call your HOA and see if they need help or are aware of any.

  5. Learn a new language
    Now if you really have plenty of time to use this can be the most interesting of them all. This might take you a 2+ years but will be worth it. You can open new windows with travling to another country already knowing the language. This will also look very nice in a resumé.

Any good hobbies you would like to share?

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