Why Is Divorce Better Than An Agonizing Relation?

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The last thing you would want while marrying your bae is getting a divorce. The only point of marriage is the longing for companionship. Divorce never is the first option of any of us but sometimes it is the best. Marriage is like gambling, it may work really good or not at all. However, when things go beyond repair know that ending the relation at a good point is far better than dragging till the worst comes.

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If you are standing at the edge confused about taking the decision, here we help you with logical reasons why should you take the plunge right away.

  • When You Are Forced to Submit

Submission is the epitome of love but when you are forced to submit, things turn ugly. Never having the control of your life, being expected to follow orders without any question or never asking for your rights are the points that you should not compromise on for long. When you know your partner is abusing his power, it is the perfect time to consider divorce.

  • If Your Partner Is a Bad Influence On Your Kids

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Sounds surprising but parents can be a bad influence on their kids too. If your partner is having a constant bad mood, uses swear words and fights with you over each and every tiny little thing, know that he is leaving a bad psychological impact on your kid's mental nourishment. The worst thing any kid would want is his parents fighting all the time.

For the kids to grow into a healthy human being, the parents have to provide them the best of everything, be it their relationship. Remember, sticking in an abusive relationship is worse than raising your kids as a single parent.

  • Marriage Can Take Away Your Personal Freedom

Loving someone is a beautiful thing to experience but what’s even more beautiful is loving yourself. Marriage can take away all of your personal space. It can ruin your freedom turning your life bound to your partner’s only. This only will end up in frustration and prolong the misery.

Any relation is healthy as far as both partners mutually respect each other’s privacy and freedom. Taking away either one’s space, even in love, cannot bring peace. If your spouse can’t accept the idea of you having genuine peace with only yourself, this might be a good time to separate your ways.

  • Your Energy Should Not Go Wasted On Things Unworthy

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Often times, you put your maximum energy, love trying to make the marriage better and all you get in response is nothing. This is the time you should consider taking divorce because your energy can be used on much better things in your life. Marriage is not the only thing in the whole wide world to consume your energy on.

Get a new life, start fresh. You will find a lot more stuff to focus on having the potential to make you happy both inward and outward.

  • Learn What’s On The Other Side

You never know what future holds for you and that is the beauty of it. Instead of being scared of the unknown, take the plunge to find out what it is holding for you. It could introduce you to a whole new horizon of hope.

Just because you don’t know what’s on the other side, does not make it bad.

  • Maximize Your Personal Growth

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We all grow from our experiences. Negative experiences make you discover a lot of new stuff about yourself. Going constantly through thin destroys your mental and emotional growth. A happy relation or a meaningful solitude instead grows your self-worth and esteem.

When your marriage is destroying your identity, giving you pain even if it is numbing, it is high time you should get a divorce and focus on your personal growth.

  • Prolong Misery Brings Missed Opportunities

If you are staying in an unhealthy relationship for a long time, you are missing a whole world of potential opportunities. Divorce can make you alone but a little pain and loneliness can turn out to be a lifetime of opportunities you did not know existed. Know that there are millions of single people in this world out there ready to mingle with you.

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Apart from these basic reasons, there could be a lot more to help you in deciding ‘to or not to’. But know that divorce is a totally personal decision and every individual case is different from the other. If your heart tells you to give it another try, you should go for it. However, if there’s one thing you need to know it is divorce can be painful but sometimes it is the right decision to make. A good divorce is better than a bad marriage.

Stay happy in whatever you decide.


Being at the beginning of the end of a 29 year marriage, I can relate to this post. Going into a marriage with the mind set that divorce is never an option can be good because it creates commitment and willingness to work at a marriage and not run at the first sign of conflict.
It can also be a negative, by eliminating the consequences for actions. It can lead to the thought that "I can do whatever I want, because they will never divorce me."
When I told my mom that my wife and I were separating and probably getting a divorce, she was sad, but not surprised. We thought we had been putting up a good front, but in reality were only fooling ourselves. One of mom's comments that really struck me was, "It takes two to make a good marriage, but it only takes one to make a bad marriage."
Unless both people recognize there are problems, and then are willing to do the hard work and sacrifice to work through the problems, the marriage will continue in a declining spiral into new low levels of "normalcy".
A very difficult and complicated topic, as well as very emotionally charged for many. I have been considering blogging about my journey, to help others going through similar situations, and provide insight to people trying to help friends who are going through it.

One particular sentence really touched my heart. "A good divorce is better than a bad marriage." - 1000% true.

It's up to the individual to decide whether to come out of the bad marriage or the marriage is not working out for both the partners or whether to give it another shot. I personally think it's foolish to drag an unsuccessful marriage too far to have seemed as a pair made in heaven.

The traditional family, as the contemporaries call it, has maintained its continuity and personality. Divorce in it has been rare. While in the modern family today they eat sweets and tomorrow we find them in the courts.

Sometimes having a dysfunctional family is the only option, I've personally seen many relationships in which I though getting a divorce was a good option but they still keep at it, fighting at every given opportunity but never getting a divorce.
Cheating on each other but not letting go of that relationship just because they fear the society and also don't want their kids to go through with their parents divorce.
It must be hard to live in a relationship like that but that's where they find their peace just because they fear, things might get even worse if they take the next step.

Very good post

Sharing half of your wealth and property is what you may have to count in. But instead of what you drag and trying to repair the situation. Why don't stay apart and calm down for some time. Marrying is a long term involvement for both. If you have kids than it will affect their mental health in future.
For unhealthy family relation in a family mostly will have a broken mental against our own kids.
I believe everything started with a reason. It maybe simple or hard, for relation it always the money situation and the relation by a third person.
My view it may not true but i believe mostly is financial situation against both party.

Of course, no one should stay in a bad marriage, but...

A couple need to work at it.

A marriage is a partnership forming the nucleus of a family. If there are children, they are a product of the marriage. Their welfare take precedence over the needs of the parents. A couple should work together to save the marriage, to make the relationship more important than any other thing of value. Both partners cannot be the dominant leader. One must submit to the other. The leader in turn must take responsibility for the decisions made for the benefit of the family.

In the context of traditional marriage, husbands should be the wise counselor and primary provider, and wives should be faithful and supportive of their husbands. This is the most stable of relationships with the greatest chance for success, and the safest and most psychologically healthy environment for children and their parents.

This is a classic word that we already understand, sometimes each person speaks on a platform of personal perspective that is not necessarily true because a divorce is covered by negative phenomena. But all that, we also understand that marriage is a very strong decision. If there is a tempest in the streets then return to the decision node when you decide.
Divorce has two traits, the first "desired" second "forced". These two traits have thrown you very far into the abyss and you alone threw them. The next step, of course, is not easy for anyone and in fact they realize in their own inner self. And honesty is very difficult to convey .... or it needs a very strong effort to get it started.

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Very Interesting post, but different persons have different situation !! Like in some countries it is law that you have to give 50% of your wealth to your wife, so divorce may be avoided if you are losing lot of money ..... !!!!!

I think that rule only applies to men giving half of their wealth to women not vice-versa so its kinda bad to be a man sometimes! ;)

I am in this kind of relationship where am always disrespected, cheating and many more. Something came up this morning and I realized the best option is to divorce and start a new life. It pains me buh I know if everything is over I will be strong

Nice one and also the reasons mentioned were clearly explained. This got me "A good divorce is better than bad marriage"
My opinion is marriage requires a mutual consent to make it work, if it gets to the point where your patner is fade up and you have done all you can to make it work and your partner still does not give in, its healthier to take a walk than cause yourself more harm sticking around.

As sad as it sounds, divorce is such a real thing today.

It exists.

Marriage is no longer a happily-ever-after tale.

It blows my mind how common it is, but I guess for most cases, it happens for the best of both parties.

Just last year alone, four of my friends got divorced while one marriage didn't happen at all.

Scary huh?

Thanks @jasimg

Marriage was once a meaning of true love uniting together til death do us part..... ive been married and sadly ended in a divorce. Now ive met someone new but he never wants to marry again due to a very bad previous divorce. This puts people like me in a sad situation as i wasnt the one who destroyed it but he is now scarred. These days its about what you can get out of a marriage some may say. But i still believe in real love and a good marriage because i love the person, not what i can get out of it . So i agree better to have a good divorce than a bad one as it affects future realtionships.

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Absolutely true!

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Living in a household with parents going through an agonizing marriage can skew your perception of how a healthy relationship should be and even effect one's attachment and openness to love.

Truth be told, love is never enough to sustain a relationship be it platonic or intimate. It takes sacrifice, tolerance from both sides to make it work.

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