The Importance of Having Strong Family Bonds

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Family is the purest source of love & care

A family is the first school ever from where a child receives the basic principles of life. It is the most important and valuable gift that a person cherishes throughout his life. It marks the strongest influence on an individual’s life whether it is good or bad. A family is actually made up of people that strive to bring out the best in you. They are the ones who cheer you up in your hard times and always want the best for you in every walk of life. "Family" is such a deep word that involves so many feelings, relations, blessings, and responsibilities.

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When I describe family, I always talk about relations that will always be there for you and will love you unconditionally no matter what goes on in your life. Every person needs love to survive and family is the most reliable and purest source of love. You make thousands of relations in your life but, in the end, what stays with you is your family. You will never ever find someone who will care for you exactly the way your parents do. Yes, parents are such loving souls that never abandon their child even if this whole world refuses to accept him for who he is.

Your family provides you a feeling of security, a place that you can call home, and some relations to count on or to share your problems with. It provides you comfort, hope, understanding, encouragement, faith, morals, values, ideals and best advice. It makes sure that you are happy and contented in every phase by extending a helping hand whenever you stumble somewhere while going through the ups and downs of life.

What makes a family strong?
There are five major L’s that contribute towards a strong family bond. These five L’s are:

  • Learning
    Families are always the first source of learning. Strong families always shape a flexible learning experiences. They establish a proper pattern for the life of home that include caring and respecting each other. Families having strongest bonds never discourage the feelings of any individual of the home and give equal time and care to each member.

  • Loyalty
    It is famous that loyalty is a major attribute that binds families together. Strong families always hold a sense of devotion and loyalty for its members. Members of these families stand by each other whenever a rough times comes or whenever they are attached by an external force. They show utmost loyalty in sickness & health, good & bad, failure & success. They always negotiate whenever a conflict occurs and never backstab their dear ones.

  • Love
    Love is a driving force that keeps families together for centuries. All people have a need to love and to be loved in return. "Family" is a place where we can safely express our love without even having fear of the circumstances. Strong families express love at the right moments. They create an atmosphere full of honesty, patience, understanding and forgiveness. It is not that families develop love naturally and automatically. String families do constant effort to cultivate love at each and every occasion. Loving families always try to have activities that can provide them a way to show a great deal of gratitude for one another. Love always takes time and constant effort but brings never-ending results of affection and positive behavior.

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  • Laughter
    Laughter is characterized as a medicine for every family. Healthy humor and laughter always prove to be escape valve for all the family tension. Yes, I agree that building a strong family is a pretty tough business but when we start taking it way too seriously, the family life becomes really tense. Laughter provides a beautiful view of things and provides a realistic balance of efforts. It is said that family who laughs together stays together. Laughing together always build up a strong family but laughing at each other always divides a family.

  • Leadership
    In every kind of family, adults always carry extra responsibility for leading the family. A strong, healthy and balanced leadership builds a strong and loving family. When no one accept the decisions of elders, the family bond gets weakened. Strong families always work together to create a way of life that suits each and every member of the family so that no have has to compromise his happiness or peace at the name of family.

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wow a beautiful post @jasimg. This post is very interesting because it explains about the family. His words are very good. Thank you for sharing knowledge that can be useful for readers

beautiful, u got new fan here,

Great Post. Life is full of uncertainties, and at the most difficult situations it is your family that supports you the most. Sometimes, no amount of money can help you. Thus stop chasing money by doing long hours at work, stay closer to your workplace and create that bond with your spouse, children and parents.

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we must spend a lot of time with parents. This life is full of unexpected moments, so we have to keep in touch with our parents. our parents are the most important people in our life

Sadly I dont talk to my family because none of them possess or recognise those qualities.

This post is very interesting because it explains about the family.

Wauhhh....i do agree with you.
Moreover, some of these cases may not appear in some region. In africa(home), it is hard to find a family with just a father, mother and children. In most cases, the family is parked with family members such as uncles, aunts, cousins and others.

I would say that this has advantages and disadvantages on children since they can't enjoy their time with the parents. It makes children not friendly to the parents and become more friendly to other people who may teach them the wrong or right things.

I would appreciate such a family as yours if the parents take their responsibility. This can lead to a somehow perfect growth of the children.

In conclusion, I may say that for a child to grow perfectly, it all depends on his environment. Whether he stays near the parents or with the large family, what maters is the environment.

Just my opinion and not contradiction.

Thank you again.


I follow you, appreciate if you follow me

Great post thank you so much xd

Great post.

Family! We all originate from one family or the other. Our family makes us what we are today and they are instrumental to what we are not. We learn more about life from our parents at the early stage of our life by asking questions about life and other things from them. The love of a family member cannot be compared INin anyway to that of friends or colleagues.we find solace in the midst of family. #OWB

My family, my strength, my fan base, my team laughs go family!

Thanks for sharing.

The Ls of family is great. I have the most difficulty with leadership. But if love is in place the others will follow.

As important as family is only a few people show deep concern on issues of family, making it vulnerable. The love that sustains a family is not something we wish for but that which we work at. Awesome post. Kindly follow back. Thank you!

I found this article very interesting, but all attributes you have mentioned before loses consciousness without the right perspective. For exemple, loyalty or love very often could be an double-edged weapon, if the kids don't find any bond with parents, they can be loyal to friends before parents; or love, if you don't teach people what love really is, people can do the most terribles things "for love", and modern families are full of terrible things like tolerance towards bad things (like homosexuality, alcohol, drugs, fornication) in the name of love, only to obtain a peace that is impossible to achieve, while these things contradict and offend the name of God and his word . I think you should raise up a deeper perspective of it.

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Beautiful post about Family. Thank you for sharing! For me, family is the true pillar of society. The people we mold and develop within the tiny communities known as our families is critical, for the same people will then go out to mold and develop the world we all share 👪 💖🙏

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