War Only Brings About Destruction

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War is a perilous affair With death and destruction converged it. With this destruction and death, it is quiet surprising how often we go to war. From the beginning of time wars have raged on from generations to generation, shifting and changing from one reason to another. It's easy to say humanity is a species that cannot do without it. With all the peace efforts, in the end only ruin remains. After all the first war that was recorded in the Christian Bible was in heaven itself. Where an angel called Lucifer tried to overthrow his creator. 

Most times its really hard to answer why these wars are fought. When the dust settles, the fire dies and the soil of the earth is no longer drenched with blood, we then ask why it happened in the first place. The simple truth is we only have bits and pieces. Most say the problem behind it is out approach to everything. How we feel for there to be peace there most be conflict, how we feel we most sacrifice a great deal for the peace of the future, a peace that doesn't last forever. 

The motives behind wars have ranged from religion to crime and in reality insecurities are one of the major problems. Although, humanity itself can be a big curse to itself, how we always want to grow and expand but the world is not big enough for all of us to expand in, how we value control and power over all things. Endlessly these wars will come just like the rains as they fill the earth with water. World War II  was called the war to end all wars, a propaganda most will say, Just a way to keep the men and women fighting and the men pointing them in the direction of death to have more control. In the end has that been the last war? There were many more wars after that, there are still wars today. It has been predicted that World War III would be the most disastrous war in human history, with a probability of wiping out all of humanity. 

It's crazy how we evolved from swords and shields to Atomic and nuclear bombs. Weapons so powerful that we now hang in the balance of fear and peace. Ultimately, we should ask ourselves, what are we fighting for? 

These, resources and lands, are they really worth the blood shed? our believes and greed are they really worth the millions of death?  Our quest for expansion and power are they really worth the end of humanity itself? 

When we ask ourselves these questions, we realize that we are just killing and fighting for things that don't really matter, no matter our differences in kind we are all still human beings and that should count for more than just race but unity. 

So before we pick up our guns and bombs, let us think about the future, let us remember that death and destruction is all that proceeds from it and if we remember those we love the most, we'll realize that peace is the only way to keep peace. To keep the history between us clean, and still try to erase the darkness which we build between ourselves in the past. We only share one home, One planet and it's all we have. Once we destroy it, we destroyed who we are.


I have had my own personal battles. After reading I ask myself why do I bother fighting... The answers are because if I don't my right will be taking for granted, I won't get what I truly want or deserve and people tend to push you if they know they can.

Beautiful post. I will resteem it.

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