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RE: Want To Help? Donate To Free A Man From His Pain, Help Love Story End Without Pain

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I wish I could do more than just provide a vote. If it would be possible for you to gather some more support, I will delegate 1 steem to his account so he can still work on the platform without reducing his VP, This will allow him to continue and still provide some curation rewards for his vote to others,


Jan23com! Thank you very much... Your upvote is awesome... You did donate on top of it... and the offer of delegating steem is another great idea... On top of that you resteemed and told many others... I say thank you from the bottom of my heart! :)

I have gained in some part from many places. Oh I had not Resteemed, But I will do that now. I would not have had it to return if it had not being for the help guidance and assistance of others and the groups they provide.

You awesome @jan23com! Thank you so much again for getting the word out!

Hey @davemccoy
Would delegating sp to or both their accounts be helpful?

Hey @simplymike... I think they both have enough in SP to make sure they don't have any bandwidth issues, but if they need to draw down their SP then yes they would. Right now I think the plan is to take his 50 sbd's in savings... Plus they will get quite a bit from the donations here today and the post too... I think the answer would be in what are their needs... And for that I don't know... I do think that if they need more than we can provide and they have to liquidate SP, then we all should do our best to help them with delegations to make sure they can continue to post and reply. So that is a long winded way of saying, I'm not sure... :P

LOL - I as just telling @lynncoyle1 that I sucked at technicalities and dynamics. She understands, because it is the same for her.
I rely on your judgement, Dave.
Pretty sure that you will know when it will be necessary.
So I’ll already put in my volunteer application form, just in case 😉

lol.. noted :P

You are so darn cute :)

I'm not going to touch mine, especially because I've been delegated by 4 different people, so it doesn't feel right, and truthfully, this 'thing' of Dave's has surpassed all of our expectations! Brian says he's not concerned about his so much, but I see @bashadow delegated a bit to him with the same concern as you. Stay tuned, because if miracles happen, and Brian sticks around for a long time (fingers crossed), I will accept your generous offer! :)

I’m so glad for you guys that dave’s initiative was successful (I still din’t know how successful, but from what I’ve seen it was more than expected.
The offer will stay valid, for as long as needed (and I truly hope that will be long)

Thank you so very much for your kindness @jan23com! Anything you do goes above and beyond what Brian and I ever imagined anyone doing for us here. Thank you!!

The pleasure is all mine here, and I am just about selfish enough to keep all that pleasure to myself. I hope things work to your benefit with this.

It looks as though it is surpassing Dave's expectations I think. I'm still shaking my head with it all!

Yes it blew away my thoughts... I knew you both were admired.. I didn't know this many would join in!