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Have you ever wanted to help someone but you are incapable of doing it.
Do you wish to support a project but the ability isn't there.



I am starting a foundation to help a lot of children.
I can't do this alone.
I don't even have the power to do so and that is why I am calling all loving steemians to join this great work in helping the less privileges.
My focus is to put food on the table of these children on daily basis.
We will start with that and with your support we can send as many children as possible to school.
A good education will reduce poverty and help make these children better people on life.

To support this program
Upvote resteem send a tip and follow to know and See how your money is being made to proper use



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Please the more we resteem this, the more exposure this post gets and it will go a long way in saving a life.
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