NEVER Take the "Red Pill" when Partying in L.A. (Part 7)

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I get to my bedroom after gettting by the Noh crew, i was not about to poke my head back in after the last time, i've still got thirty or so grand of "K's" wad of cash in my pocket and have NO CLUE what i'm suppose to do with it at this point in time!

I'm in no rush, so i go to put some music on and as i'm about to press play a display monitor turns on and shows a car heading into the driveway and to the front door, i watch, stops light off, automatic house security lights are on and out steps a pair of legs that wouldn't stop!

I quickly get as close to the monitor as i possibly can without drooling all over it to see who on earth this is that's about to ring the front doorbell. There.......... it just went, i figure i'm sure a hell not going to ignore this stunningly tall and exquisitely dressed blonde angel, and the Japanese guys wouldn't even know their as from their elbow right about now, poor bastards! (laughing my as off)

I quickly head downstairs blowing off the elevator and foot'in down as fast as i can down the spiral staircase to the door in about three seconds flat, gain composure and quickly open the door and instantly look eye to eye with what would of NO DOUBT been a Playboy Bunny/model whatever you want to call them i'm tell'in ya fellas she was "the bomb". Now i mean eye to eye, i'm six foot four, and in heels this stunner was as tall as me, i can tell you exactly how many times this situation has happened in my life personally,......................... ZERO!

"G'day" is the first thing that comes out of my mouth, "Hi,......(drop dead smile)- you must be James" in THE most sexiest voice i've heard in years, " I'm Sonya and i'll be your companion for the party tonight" reaching her hand out as i and we briefly touch each others, static electricity snaps a shock between our fingers,.... we both notice though say nothing except for her glancing and flickering her eyes at mine.

"Please,....... come on in Sonya" i don't want to let this bird get away from me as she glides gracefully past, her perfume is unmistakable, Clive Christian Imperial Majesty, a brand worn by very very few women and only on the most special occasions, i'd only had one other time in my life where i had this perfume in my presence, though i won't mention who was wearing it. I'm most blown away (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure), i'm thinking "all this was done for little ole me",........INCREDIBLE hospitality!

As i am a Gentleman, i politely ask her if she wants something to drink "Perrier is fine thank you" her manners are impeccable, "No problem, one Perrier coming up" she follows close behind me to the kitchen and i definately can tell and soon feel she's check'in me out, i'm think'in when in Rome do as the Romans as i quickly get up to speed with the "real" reason Sonya is here................. Sonya's here to be a freak! yyyeeeaahh!

REMINDER to self: When you go to L.A. remember two things, the fast cars and the faster women!

I handed her the Perrier after she briefly handled my "bollocks", this was an experience i knew i would not forget unless Alzheimers got me!

My complete attention has been fully gained i'm starting to think "will we be going to this party or not, or are we gonna do it?" I start to ask her when i notice she's pulling from her purse two small clear containers, each had about six pills in them, a pinky reddish variety and there was a baby blue slightly smaller pill in the other container!

(Flashback, living in Byron Bay 2000, MDMA and XTC very common place narcotic, used primarily for loving warm social communicative dancing experiences with others on the same drug feeling the same feeling in an unreserved and un-inhibited way)

"XTC hey" i comment, "they're as pure as they get" she adds " which one would i like"?asking me as if she already knows there's a snowball's chance in hell that i'm gonna refuse one of these and she's right, i wouldn't refuse this right here right fuk'in now if the world were about to blow up, and if it had i couldn't of given a flying fuk,..... but as i learned in Byron Bay all those years back "NEVER EVER TAKE THE RED PILL"!

"I'll have a blue one thanks Sonya", "which one are you gonna have" i asked her,....."ah, i think i'll have a RED ONE"!

OH shit,...."This is gonna be interesting, real interesting" i think to myself, she's at most twenty three, when i lived in Byron Bay she would've been eleven roughly, never learned about the "RED PILLS", i'm sure as hell NOT gonna tell her as i watch her down the pill with a mouth full of Perrier!

I quickly look at the face of my watch, from past experience i know we have probably less than twenty minutes before we begin to feel it's narcotic effect, and though we had just met we have some common interest,........... and she was smart which was such an added bonus!

Twenty to nine my watch shows me, she's downed a "red" one i've down the "blue" and we've got twenty minutes before take-off!

Although i've had personal experience's with this drug i ask her if she's taken any of these before, "only two times before" she tell's me, "and you" asking back, i explain to her that " i was taking these before she had ever had any inclination to have one"!

"How old are you?" she enquires, i just tell her "i'm over twenty one" and "to stay there i'll be right back", i casually get up and head up to my room to retrieve something that i had noticed was there earlier in the day, past the Bizzarrini and James Joyces works and i think to myself she could be into some of this anully fixated Joyce at some point tonight, so i place his greastest works under my armpit and head into my room where there is surely some of THE FINEST redhair sensimilla i've yet to see or smoke waiting for me!

An ornamental glass jar about seven inches tall on the night stand next to the bed shows me that there's enough Ganja in that vessel alone to get an elephant stoned for a month!, let alone two people who are already pill'in!

I just grab the whole frigg'in jar and a Rizla paper deck, but most importantly before i leave my room, i arrange a variety of oddly juxtaposed songs randomly assorted together and have them piped on through the house system, cd's from Kraftwerk, Air, The Streets, Bomfunk Mc's, De La Soul, alittle bit of Miles Davis, Soundtrack to Bladerunner even some Police, early Police that is, "Ghost in the Machine", "there's not one single bad song on that whole album, trust me!", and if your not familiar with it, i would highly recommend it, i thought these guys were great musicians and if you listen to the lyrics in their songs, they have a relevance and meaning even to this very day!

Songs like "Re-humanize yourself" is a perfect example, i'm not gonna preach any Green or Humanitarian ideals to you here, HELL NO !

I've just dropped an Ekkie, and if all goes well will probably end up not being able to walk properly for the next two days after this horny pilled up nymphomaniac bitch fuks my brains out all night long, as the RED pills are RENOWN when taken by females to literally turn them into insatiable fuking machines, an amalgum of Marilyn Chambers and the Terminator!

All i'm saying is that it might be worthwhile for you to look and listen to it when you've got some time up your sleeve like i do now!

Done, got the most EPIC POT in my hand which in California is called "Medicinal Marijuana" haha, and the music has just started to play in the background so i head back down to see what Sonya's got herself up to in my very brief absence, and as i look down from the top of the spiral staircase there she is,....... mesmerizing, dancing below very seductively and sensually, it was the Bladerunner Soundtrack she was hearing "Memories of Blue", (the musical score was done by Vangelis and in my humble opinion is his finest work) the pills had already started to take effect on her, i thought "damn that was quick"! but my watch didn't lie,....the alarm went off ..........IT WAS 9 o'clock!, twenty minutes had flown by, what the hell had just happened, twenty minutes of me "fart knocking around with cd's when there this babe ready to rock n' roll" i must be already drug affect aswell,.....whoaa, the music is sounding really ultra clear and clean now, so clear i'm able to differentiate everything i hear instrumentally, it's begun, I'M OFF,"IT" had begun now whether i like it or not, that sensation once felt is unmistakable a second time!

This was highly irregular i began to think to myself while i still could put any kind of understanding into it, "i know i haven't had these for years, but looking back at it and feeling like i'm beginning to feel, this swope me up from behind sensation and time passing with the blink of an eye tells me this is no ordinary MDMA, or worse, that i possibly never really had the "pure" MDMA, either way i was going to find out soon enough!

Part 1 of "96 hrs. to L.A." on my blog is the start of this epic adventure so I would suggest that chapters 1-6 should be read to get caught up on the story.

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