Some things make life better

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In life we ​​have felt that the name is not calm, restless, restless and so on. It can appear in us due to various things we experience or face. And of course that makes our lives feel bad.

There are so many things in the world that we should be grateful for making life more directed. And these are a few steps to make life feel better

#. Never hate.
This is very good if we plant it in ourselves, because hating will have a bad effect.

#. The simple Life.
this simple life will be very good because it will not cause unwanted views from people who have material deficiencies.

#. Hope from the smallest.
To make a big thing then do it from the small thing first.

#. Give a lot.
This will be a charity field for us.

#. Live with love
If we live together loving each other it will feel beautiful, imagine if everyone did that then there would be no chaos in this world.

#. Always with God.
If we are always with God, we will not make mistakes or other bad things.

The conclusion is that when we do good things life will also be good.

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