Live right in every action & Living right in love and forgiveness

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Live right in every action

If all family members have understood their respective roles by applying true life in the family, then all their actions will be centered on that fundamental reason. Because basically, one's actions are based on their understanding. For example, if a father acts rude to his wife and children, because according to his understanding, a father has the right to do so. The child will dare to rebel his parents because he will understand that the child has the right to fight.

It is clear that one's understanding determines his actions. With correct understanding, all family members will act correctly too.

Living right in love and forgiveness

It cannot be denied that humans are full of mistakes. Even the same mistakes can be repeated. That allows others to be disappointed, angry and irritated. That also causes heartache. However, it's good if all family members have an apology space in their hearts. Forward each other to apologize and forgive easily too.

Forgiveness is a form of total love. Because true love is unconditional love.

Can you imagine the atmosphere? It's beautiful and fun isn't it? An atmosphere that truly brings happiness every day. Between husband and wife and children are so intimate. Without fear and limitations in communication. There are no threats and punishments, no abuse, and abuse. If that's the case, we can be sure that all family members will always choose to gather at home with all their members to enjoy that extraordinary happiness.

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