Why Are Sharks The Only Animal to Have a Designated Week?

in #life4 years ago

I know that Shark Week is super exciting(except for when Michael Phelps races a fake shark) but why are they the only animal that has a designated week. I'm fairly certain that I'd be just as intrigued if there was a week designated to Honey badgers(because they don't give a shit) or Grizzly Bears....or Ligers.

Is there a reason that exists somewhere out there on the interwebs?




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My opionion as a shark week enthusiasts for over 7 years now is that they dedicate that week to the Apex predator the great white. Until recent years it was top of the marine food chain. But recent studies show that Orcas (killer whales) like Free Willy actually are now the top Apex predators out there. Looking forward to Whale week in the near future.