some comfort food and a Buddha-butt

in #life3 months ago

When I speak to my friends back in the USA they will often ask what it is that I miss about being "back home" and the answer I give is normally something food oriented or about speaking English. The second thing I am ok with it not existing so much here because I am a bit of an introvert anyway, but the first thing is the real kicker.

No matter where you come from there are going to be some favorites that are available everywhere in the place you come from, but the place you relocate to might not have any of it.

Therefore, when i found this the other day I was just delighted.


Maybe it is silly to get so excited about Doritos, but they were my favorite snack as a kid and they have been in my cupboard ever since. I had never seen them in this country until recently, and I bought a few bags to discover they are exactly the same. I suppose the only downside is the fact that they cost 3-4x as much as the local flavors, which are disgusting by most western standards.


Now the only reason why I have this picture at this angle is because this massive statue of Buddha that overlooks the valley below had a bunch of work going on in front of it with the tile being replaced. Therefore, no one was allowed over on that side so we had to just be involved with talking to Buddha's back. It's still an impressive structure regardless.

I haven't made up my mind about if I am going to remain in this country after my teaching contract expires in April. I certainly will not be teaching at this particular school anymore and most likely will not remain in Ayutthaya. It is a massive country though, and since the Corvid thing has chased away more of the travelers, touring around is really cheap for those of us that remain. Perhaps I'll just stick around for a few months - perhaps more.

Having access to Nacho Cheese Doritos certainly bodes well for Thailand in my decision-making.