I'm Being Lazy.....

in #lifelast year

lazy dishes.jpg

I mean ALL Morning ! It's after 3:00 PM and I haven't done a thing except play on my computer. So hold my place till I come back with a decent post.... well.... after I do some dishes and put this place in order.... oh.... wait... if I don't come back till this place is in order you may never see me again, so I should just say, till I make some of it better. LOL

Hope you are all having a very happy Saturday.

Love ya !



Loved this post gave me a good chuckle maybe because of much of the same sort of day for me

It's good to have a day like this now and then, but at some point it slaps back, because all of the other stuff still needs to be done ! I am sorry to say, I haven't made much progress on the stuff that I should have done.

LOL ! Oh well !

well today is another day lets see how we both do :)

Let's see !

I stayed up till 2 am. I still didn't do much. Because I was up so late, I set an alarm for 8 am and then I told Alexa to snooze three times..... because I could !

So.... I have not been up now but a few minutes. LOL !

Sometime closer to noon I will leave, probably stop by the grocery store to pick up whatever Mom says she needs and then I will go to her house to visit and do whatever she needs me to do, which today already includes get into her new Netflicks that my brother installed last week and left a detailed description of how to get back in..... which she can't make work.... AND get her email going again because it doesn't work either after her desk was pulled out so the painters could paint her living room. The computer is on, but the email is not working. LOL ! We'll see what else she needs by the time I get there.

I have a couple hours now and whatever time after I get back tonight. I'm not really optimistic about how inspired I will be to do more. :)

As always, time will tell.

Was it taco left over dishes? A set of tongs, scissors, a cup to hold tomatoes, one to hold onions or cheese, a platter for the lettuce, a liquid holding type dish for maybe the salsa? You could have ran a contest, what did I have for dinner..

ha ha.... it wasn't, but now I want some tacos !

That would have been a good thing to ask.

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