Start you day off with a good laugh! - Hilarious helium beer debut!steemCreated with Sketch.

in life •  2 years ago

Good morning everyone!

I woke up and had a good laugh with this guys, i wanted to share it with all of you to start the day off right.


Look at this video babe, its hilarious! Lets try this , i think it would be awesome!! @roxameli

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I have seen this before! I doubt it's real though

BTW don't take 100% powerup. It is worth more to take 50/50 split , sell SBD at an exchange , buy steem and then powerup!


Oh really??? Interesting i didn't know, thanks for the tip mate appreciate it!

hahahaha love it


I think an experiment is definitely to take place at some point!

Hahaha the burp at the end! I can imagine how hard we're gonna be laughing! But how do they add the helium to the beer?


You probably buy it made that way somewhere... we'll do it this summer!

Lol how did their voices become like that? With the helium? Someone gotta explain why man

Btw thanks for this had a great laugh!


Have you ever tried sucking in from a helium balloon? From my understanding the density of the helium is lower than the air we breathe which then makes the sound travel faster and changes the way the vocal tract vibrates changing your voice like that... Idk if helium beer is an actual thing though or these guys just hoaxed it from what im reading now... but either way helium does make your voice like that and the video is actually hilarious either way!


Oh yeah now that I recalled an episode of Big Bang theory and Sheldon had the voice when kripke filled the air with helium so probably they filled the room with helium. Still funny

I never tried Helium Beer before, but I have tried sniffing helium, and that alone leaves me light headed enough. Great for your vocal range. Cheers!


Yea im sure you can't do too much helium at once