I don't need cities!

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Hey Guys!

Feel the summer, feel the heat?
I love to spend summer weekends in the village because:

  • It's relatively quiet - No sirens, no traffic
  • If I were a bird or an animal watcher I can sit on my deck and watch them... all day long.
  • Watching the stars at night on the grass

Have you ever thought why you love summer? :)

This is how usually look villages in Lithuania










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What kind of temperatures are you having there now? :) I can imagine it's warmer than up here in north, if you can lie down on grass to watch stars.. actually, we can't even see stars in here in the summer as it's always lots of light.

I can see how that's really nice looking, you seem to have enough of own space and privacy, as long as you don't miss hustle and things to do in the city. I do think countryside is the best place to be in the summer. :)


This year weather in Lithuania is colder than usual in June. It's about 17-22 (°C). But of course it's more warmer than in the North :) We have grass, and you have mountains....It's also magical :)


Oh don't make me sad.. I'm from Finland. No mountains here :D
Enjoy warmth and happy midsummer!

Sveika, tautiete! :)


Labas labas :) Smagu atrasti vis daugiau lietuvaiciu :)


Mane irgi įskaičiuokit :D


bent 25 lietuviai tikrai yra steemit :)


gal net ir daugiau ...koks 30-40 spėju....arba ir dar daugiau.
....ir iš jų gal apie 15-20 mano suagituotų :)
Kiti dar užsislaptinę


O aš pirmą kartą sutikau, tai taip smagu! :)


Man irgi smagu ;)


Ir man. Tuoj Iveta taps traukos centru visiems tautiečiams :)

Oooot- ooooot !!!

You have perfectly right! :D Follow you!

The beautiful village :)
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That looks beautiful, really peaceful.

i agree with you. who needs cities. i'm quite alright thank you very much here in the countryside! :)

I love it 👍🏻

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Followed upvoted and impressed! Great pictures. It's so pretty there! Thanks for sharing

i cant imagine my summer weekends without village. I hate to stay in Vilnius on summer weekends