Drinking Alcohol

in life •  9 months ago


Believe it or not, I don't drink alcohol, or any form of liquor, mainly because none in my family drink. But as I reached legal age, my parents gave me the freedom to do so. Being in my youth and surrounded with my peers that finds drinking "fun" and entertaining, it was a very easy addiction to acquire. To me, when my friends drink, it always looks like they're having a lot of fun. And they are!

However, witnessing a lot of their drinking session has not only allowed me to see the good, but also the bad. There will come a certaib point where everyone will be too drunk to function, vomit is everywhere, secrets of people spilled indiscriminately (though some might argue this is the fun side) and much more. Being the person that don't drink and always the sober one, I automatically become the person that looks out for them. Now, this is not an issue for me. You might think that this is the reason that I don't drink, but it's not. I don't drink because I'm scared of the fact that the secrets, the emotions, everything I've worked hard to bury in my head would be exposed. That's it.

I honestly don't know where I'm going with this post, as I am not the type to write out my thoughts. But, whatever. To each his own. Cheers.

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