Our dearest Friend, El ChanChan is Missing.

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Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to let you know whats going on in my life at the moment. I haven't been on Steemit much, and it's not because I don't like you all. I'm very grateful to all of you who've left wonderful comments on my posts lately. It warms my heart when I read them.

Sydney and I were driving home from Colorado last Thursday and Friday, after having been gone for about three weeks. Our immediate family is actually a triad, Sydney, Myself, and El ChanChan. My father and stepmother were taking care of El ChanChan while we were gone, and they fed him and snuggled him around 3pm on Friday, then they left for the weekend. We got in a little after 7pm, and no ChanChan to be seen anywhere.

It's Monday today. We've been relentlessly searching everywhere, knocking on nearly every door in town...yelling into people's sheds and garages, and hiking and driving through the hills and creek bottoms around town calling for him.

It's been really hard, and I wish so much that he would show up at our door, climb in through the window. Everywhere I look, my eyes are always looking for him. Every piece of our house, I see all the places he climbs and plays and sleeps. I love him so much, and I hope that he is well, where ever and however he is.

El ChanChan you are and will always be the little puma of my heart. Whatever happens, I am so proud and grateful to be your brother, and every moment with you has been the most precious drop of life giving crystal sunlight honey. I miss you so much, and thankyou for coming into my life.

Update. Our little puma warrior is no longer living in this world. May his ferocity of life flow throughout all things, ChanChan, your love has left softpawed puma tracks all over my soul. You have changed me forever. I will always think of you.

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Oh Jared I'm so sorry to hear that! :( I hope that you find him soon, or that you find peace soon. Sending you healing waves of love!

Sorry to hear about this dude, I really hope you have some news soon. My friend had a similar situation until two days ago when her cat returned home after a three week absence. I hope you read my words whilst stroking your beautiful cat and drinking a well earned cuppa. All the best my friend they're very resilient animals so I have hope in my heart for you.

probly is fine, its been fifteen hours any luck?
we can use steemit to realy help all cats and dogs and get every shelter in US to be a no kill shelter and pay homeless people top pet sit all the strays in pounds etc

we could do alot of good with steemit, man so sad u have to make a good bye post for ur friend here, its ok i bet the cat is fine, they disapear for days sometimes, and can come back one day

I haven't been on much because I was working on a Steemit community project full time, but I've been catching up, and I wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you and your family. I am hoping for the best, as species doesn't mean anything in terms of love. One thing I can say is that animals are resourceful, and even if they are away for a while, they are often able to take decent care of themselves. I am focusing on his safe return, and that he gets turned around and figures out which way is home, or is already with you. <3


thanks Crimson!! I appreciate the good thoughts

I so hope your kitty turns up. I lost my Snuffles a while ago and it was very painful.

oohH man -(((((

.. br-other .. i'm sorry friend .. i'm just seeing this now - ((((
.. i have been on .. missing friend searches - ((((((((((((
.. my guts .. are turned - ((

.. a summer trek ??
keep believing .. don't stop !

.. i wish i had the words to sooth you two -((

sending love ..


thanks Shawn, just being heard is soothing enough. I appreciate you !! I will keep believing!!


.. a BIG squeeze for Sydney !!!!!!!
.. and her squeeze back .. a hug for YOU - )

love you two !!

oh no! I hope El ChanChan shows up!
Sorry about this sad news.

OH No! Sending you good luck vibes. Hope you find your little puma.

This might sound odd, but my friend who lost her cat took her pee and sprinkled it around the house, and her cat came back. Apparently cats recognize your scent and it will help them find you. Hope this helps.


great! I already pee on everything :P now I have a reason to! Thanks for the kind words Karen.


aww no problem. I hope you find your kitty! Do try, it really does work! :)

Oh no! 😭
Hope you find your baby!!!

Damn, this sucks :(

OMG! Chan Chan!! Come home, please! Such a nice tiger, such a regal and majestic feline, did you go to join your bretheren in the wild? Don't you know how much your momma and daddy miss you? Did you go on a vision quest to Peru to find your birth family? Will you send us a message in the ether to let us know you are ok?

I'm sending you and Sydney mucho love right now. So sorry to hear this! <3


Thanks Lily, god it's hard, but we're doing well through it. Whatever comes, he's the finest little puma beast that ever walked this earth. I think the vision quest to Peru is likely, because he sure as hell doesn't appear to be in Jefferson City.

We've both realized how much better we've become acquainted with everything around here through spending the last four days searching for him. I've found so many plants that I didn't know where so close by....WE HAVE JEWEL WEED?!?!?! How weird is that shit. Lots of it, like less than 500 yards from my house, and I've never ever known it. (it's weird if you knew how dry it is up here...)


Man o' mangosteen! That sounds really hard! I know how hard this is, you knew my puppy Caya who was poisoned by burglars in Pucallpa. I'm sure Chan Chan has gone to join his wild relatives Yonder. And that his soul is hunting the next grand adventure! He is and always will be a great Cat. Give Sydney a big squeeze and remember to allow yourselves time to grieve him. He was family. LOVE!!!

Aww no, you must feel horrible! I hope he'll return to you soon, safe and sound.

Oh man it's awful lost your pet. I hope you can find it faster

Awww, I love El ChanChan now, I hope he comes back soon! :(

I'm not trying to bring your hopes up... but I had a cat disappear on me for several weeks, just to reappear one morning, a little roughed up and longing for love, but otherwise healthy and fine!


yup just like Homeward Bound


thanks Fraenk, you can try to bring my hopes up =) I would be the happiest person in the world if that happened!

I hope you find your cat soon man, I could only imagine how hard it must be :/
Best wishes man, eagerly awaiting your return and awesome posts!

I hope that he will come back, man :(

Helloooooooooooooooo my friend
i voted

<3 Sorry to hear about ChanChan. Sending strength.

I've been off Steemit for a bit traveling with mom and sister so just catching up on posts of those I follow and am so sorry to see that you've lost your beloved ChanChan. I know from personal experience how losing a pet is so much more than just losing a pet, it's losing family. May he be taking long, luxurious naps and enjoying endless catnip in the kitty afterlife.

so sorry to hear you lost your cat ChanChan, I know first-hand how tough that can be. if you don't mind saying, did you ever manage to figure out what happened?

Hope you're doing well and have found your cat @itchykitten.


Thankyou Johal. I really appreciate you dropping in to check on me. El ChanChan got hit by a car =( It's amazing how much one very handsome little kitty can affect your life. It really shook me up, and I have been taking a break from the computer for a while.

I miss him a lot, but Sydney and I have been planting a lot of fruit trees since he died. We put in another apple and a cherry today. And also found a commercially bred saskatoon shrub, and some native montana grapes to plant.

And I got to see totality under the eclipse. We drove down to Garden Valley, Idaho. It was pretty wild.

How is your summer?

Wow! I think your place have a good soil to plant. I feel envy, your place is great may be... Planting is my hobby other than cooking. So, do you have another pet after what happened? Did you find your cat? May God bless you always Bro.