Violence in the name of peace - A poetry with questions.

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Humans kill humans.

We're not alien to the news of violence, murders and terror attacks. Be it in Syria where people lose their loved ones in a matter of seconds or be it in the day-to-day violence you read on the news, humans are killing humans. Most often than not, it's for differences in belief system, differences in color, differences in origin or even for the differences in language. The current Syrian war is mainly due to religious conflicts between the Sunni Muslims and the Shia Mulsims.
If, by any chance, you're not aware of it - please do read and watch documentaries. It's 21st century and yes, you won't believe how things on the other side are while we peacefully read and make posts on Steemit or browse any social media.

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See, I am a young person
trying to make a difference,
violence is always an option
but peace is my preference

How do I even hang on to peace
when a brother from another mother
gets me begging on my knees?
Begging for life; with my throat on tip of his knife

And why do we look for the differences
when we have so many similarities?
See, All the 'C's for country, color and creed
if respected, a heavenly earth is expected.

I don't know whether I have enough breaths left to breathe
I dream of a better world but it only proves to be a fantasy.
May be someday we'll: understand each other - be a family
Look beyond superficial characteristics - easily and happily.

Brother I have a question to ask -
How long will this chaos last?
What is it that we're fighting for?
Is my life - a free pass to the heaven's door?

We preach about peace but what's the use of it
when we have to fight for it?
How does peace make our lives better
when we have to die for it?

I hope you feel my words and understand what I mean
Look at all the aftermath of our irrational violent scenes.
It's time we took decisions like wise human beings
It's time we took decisions like nice human beings.

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In this post, I just pour out my thoughts on the topic in the form of a poem. I hope you find it to be a good and thought provocative read. Thank you :)

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Upvoted! Great post! I already subscribed to you


The act of killing is a ritual for those who lack life. This is how ritualistic killing came to be embraced as a potion of vitality. Evolution has programmed us to compete with each other so the best can survive and procreate. We are yet to escape our animalistic nature.


I guess killing with an animal-like instinct could be related to killing for resources or for survival but most of the killings we see otherwise, are just due to in-acceptance of the differences which I'm not sure whether animals portray. I feel lack of education and awareness is the root cause.

May the Lord restore peace in places where their is crisis

Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. - John Lennon
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Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. - John Lennon

Well, damn!

Thank you @luckyhelper :D

Great post, upvoted and followed, Thanks.