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Hello steemers!!! Hello world...
Hallo steemit friends all around the world
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Thank you very much for this time. I am so glad to see you in this nice occasion. Now, please allow me to introduce myself. My name is ismail. I am from lhoksukon, kabupaten aceh utara.
I was born in Lhoksukon, on November 2th, 1992. So, I am 27 years old. My family and I live at Tenggiri street number 2, Lamprit, Banda Aceh.
My hobbies are listening to music, travelling, and playing football.

"My expectations"
I really hope with me to participate in this positive value steemit And I also really, really hope to all my steemit friends to guide and help my new member in this, in using steemit. . .

that’s all about myself. Thank you very much for your nice attention. See you. Bye!

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Welcome @ismailpih.
Pleas Folback and upvote My acount
Thanks you 😊

Hello Mate
Welcome on new world.

Have fun , write what you feel and earn money as well.

Good luck :)

Welcome @ismailpih, hope you always succeed. :)


Welcome @ismailpih, hope you always succeed. :)