Life changing accident

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It’s been 5 months since the life changing accident of my life. 

It was just the same normal  night when me and my friends go to town, have a few drinks and unwind. This is just the kind of night when we get together and have the time of our life in a karaoke session. 

After we got tired. Me  and my uncle decided to go home and ask our friends if they are going to tag along. And so we did. I was riding on a motorcycle (w/o helmet)  together with my uncle driving when half way home- I was on my phone texting someone when all of a sudden I heard my uncle said “oh shit.” 

Before I had the chance to look what’s at the road my vision went pitch black and I felt like i flew out. After a few second of total darkness I felt my head crack, I hit the concrete pavement head first. My body stumbled and became unconscious after. Turned out that we crashed  on a  speeding motorcycle without a headlight on. My uncle didn’t see the guy coming not until it was too late. I woke up on the way to  the hospital feeling my body was ripping apart. I cant move and the lower part of my face felt like it was fractured.

I wont stretch out any further how it was life changing for me since you already got the idea. And I don’t wanna start writing about dramatic poetry ATM. Ahmmm, lets just say That I have  realized a lot of things in life and I have done my best to be a better person since then.

 Our lives are not our own. From womb to tomb, we are bound to others. Past and present. And by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future. – Sonmi-451 Cloud Atlas

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wow. im glad u are all ok now. i was also in a car accident many years ago. i also knocked out and only woke up later, in the hospital. its all good now. steemit it here for us! :P

Are you ok now Risch? I hope so :)

Yeap,im good now. But im still recovering from an injury

so sorry, and I am now following you

Thank you😚😚

Damm girl!!! Your tough as nails!!! Gald you made it though that. Close one...

Hahaha awesome!!!

Thank you!! 😘😘😁

Nakakinis talaga yang mga motorsiklong bumibyahe kahit walang headlight munitk na rin akong madali niyan. Gusto nila ng disgrasya nandadamay pa ng iba. Anyway buti nlang maayos ka na. Don't forget the helmet next time.

Ou nga! Di kasi nag h'helmet samin. Probinsya eh. Okay lang nag d'drive pa naman ako paminsan. Masakit parin nga hips ko parang may ugat na na ipit

pa consult ka ulit baka lumala yan.

Busy pa kasi ako sa work. Pag may time. Gege salamat!

It's good to see that your face wounds have healed well (it would have been a shame..). Looks like you have an angel protecting you. (Motor)Bike accidents are destined to destroy or end lives.

A few years back I had a terrible bike accident. I drove with maybe 15 kph when a stick flew into my front wheel and stopped the bike at once and I flew in a salto over the handle bar and landed just next to a high curb. 10 cm and it would have crushed my skull.

Unfortunately, since then I can't use my elbows properly anymore, because I tried to bolster the fall with my arms. It was just too much force for them. Now tennis, golf, kayaking and climbing are not possible anymore and I can't carry heavy things. I have to stick to old people sports like hiking and let others do the heavy lifting (which is ok;p)

On the plus side: I'm still alive and the rest of my body still works fine. I hope that goes for you too.

Oh my gosh thats a long one! Haha

Yes really lucky to have survived.
I still have a hand enjury same as yours and i cant move around too much too or else my hips will be in a lot of pain.

Guess we learned our lessons ha! Haha

Atleast we are still alive, yassss! High five babe!😁

sorry to hear that with the hips. Does that mean, no more dancing? How tragic..

Ahaaa yeah no more... 😭😭

i hope you are fine now .. stay safe and enjoy your life :)

Thank you. And to you too 😁😘😘

It's cute so it's no problem😘

Hahahahaha loool!!! Is it? Thank you 😂😁

Obviously I am sorry to see you have been injured but glad to see that one effect has been to lift your spirit so that you see how we are all related to each other and creating the world together.

Yes, thank you for dropping by. I just want to share also that there is no need for an accident to realise everything in life. And that to be better as a person is whats important. We are all connected to each other and what we do comes back to us. Hope you have a nice day! 😚

Am so happy you survived the accident. May you live long sweety

Hey thank you si much for the boost! Really appreciate it. And thank you,i hope you happiness in life and get what you aspire. Kisses to you😚😚😚

You said the most important message. Everyone should learn from past and eventually evolve.

Yes in some circumstances however we also have to know that the past is the past. We need to live for today and create a better future. I think ive said this on here before.


this is when a helmet does wonders. just got a new one for the next trip in vietnam ;-)

Helmet!!! Yess... we dont wear helmets in the island tho. Haha i still drive sometimes.. lol

In Thailand I drive lots of time with no helmet. But if I go far I usually have one..l

Nakuha mo pang magselfies sa lagay na yan!🙈

Sorry naman po! 😂😂

Hahaha ou nga! Una ko ginawa nong nagising ako nagselfie! Ahhaha baliw lang. Adik

hahaha! buti hindi nagpiklat yan?

Meron man pero maliit lang

di ko napansin. Buti nga hindi yung buong mukha mo! haha sayang ang ganda!

You are very lucky nothing more happened. My mom fell of her bike this May and head trauma caused internal bleeding. She also was very lucky because she made a total recovery without any brain damage

Yeah im lucky although im still suffering from injuries in my hand. And im currently having pain in my hips. I think this is related from the accident since theres no other cause for it. I hope rhis doesn't get worse in the happy your mom is well! Thank you for droppi g by. Sending kisses 😚😚

Oh, I am so sorry this happened to you. I'm glad you are mostly ok now. I know it takes a long time to recover, my daughter was in a car accident many years ago and fractured her pelvis in 5 places. She is ok now, but sometimes when she lifts something a certain way she gets some pain. You were lucky it was not worse. All the best from me!

Thank you.. i still feel pain though same as your daughter. I cant move too much or my hips will be in alot of pain. Yeah im still lucky. 😁

Aguy ang gwapa na samad hehehe

Ahahahah buang! Ang samad naay tao! Haha

Grabe sab nang naay tao oy hahaha

Hope the concrete pavement didn't take it too badly when you hit it. To me it seems, you're not really bothered by the bruises. Yes, it looks cute. Stay strong!

Hahahahhaha loools!! Trust me im in a lot of pain in real life. I just do my best to not take it so badly. Thank you! 😍😚

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That was a nasty accident! I have also had a few motorcycle incidents during my life - there is so little protection for the body if we don't wear serious gear, and most of us don't.
Your awareness will be heightened now and although I don't like wearing them myself, helmets can be lifesavers!
Thankfully are bodies are healing and forgiving so I hope you don't suffer anything long term from the accident.

Words. Yes. Youre right.people dont wear helmets and other protective gears on our island. But yes. Its a good practice if we do. Thanks.

Well I hate to see you hurting yourself 😉

Damn, that is just terrible, looks like you were pretty lucky to survive this.
I read that what changed you the most is your view on life, that is something to cherish because sometimes we need a life changing event to realise what we allready have... Keep it up and keep on steeming!

My dear @islandprincess, next time helmet AND a hockey mask! I don't want to miss one of my faithful voters :)

I'm really glad you're allright. How was uncle?

oh no I cringed! I just cannot look at bloody injuries... hope you're well now 🙂

Ooopss sorry 😅😅