Blue Night Sky

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Aloha Steemians!


Good morning, good afternoon or a good evening to you! It’s around 9:31 am and is very cool and cloudy here in Honolulu, Hawaii. It seems like much cooler weather is the norm around here. Anyways, as I was walking at the park yesterday evening something very odd caught my attention. It darned on me that we weren’t able to see the sun set from thick clouds. Not only that but the whole sky was very blue!

Usually, a typical sunset has a mixture of orange and red hues but last night was very different. The photo below is one example of my many typical sunset snap shots.

This photo was taken early yesterday evening. Do you find this odd too or it’s just me? And the blue color reflection of buildings on the far left of Waikiki.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s still stunningly beautiful but still a little off from the usual. I guess that’s also true relative to drastic weather changes. OMG! I hope the sky isn’t falling!!! Hehe JK! It still makes for beautiful photos; nonetheless.

Well, I hope that you find this blue sky in the evening fascinating, or not! However, thank you for visiting my page. And until we meet again, have a wonderful day.

Aloha Steemians!

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you are really an awesome photographer Mam!


Well, I don’t think so but thank you. Aloha!


We think so mam! Your always welcome