Is-Ra-El from Egypt perspective

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We are going to begin our lesson with Egypt. What most people commonly refer to as religion is made up of the Egyptians study of Cosmology and Astrology. This today is known as Christian Science or Moorish Science. The Math & Sciences designed by the early humans of this planet helped them understand architecture, the stars, healing, etc. In understanding their environment and life they designed human-like structures in a representation of what they knew and understood to give respect to all scientific factors that created life.

Their Gods were the stars, the moon, life, death, fertility, etc; all elements for life and nature around them, what we call today Science. Europeans have tried to erase this fact by giving this body of study demeaning teams like “pagan” and nonbelievers. But what you haven't been told is that they are the foundation of the very religions you serve and believe in today. Let us begin with the land of Israel, this is supposed to be the holy land of the bible and the holy family and bloodline of the bible but when you dived deeper into the history of this name. You begin to see that the name Israel (Is-Ra-El) is the makeup of the three highest Egyptian Gods. ISIS, RA, and EL. Is = light + Ra = sun + El = first cause.

Israelites, i.e. the followers of the Judaic (relating to Judaism or the ancient Jews) religion, refers to root meaning of the compound parts, namely the Egyptian gods Isis (rescripted as Sarah) and Ra (rescripted as Abraham), and the Canaanite god El (rendered as "lord" in the Old Testament).

Let's now take a look at another name Allah. The Arabic word for God in Abrahamic religions. Let’s pause here and notice Abrahamic religions, the root being Abraham, the basis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These considered Abrahamic religions because they all accept the tradition of a Jesus (Yahawashi), that revealed himself to the prophet Abraham. The name Allah before the Arabic language was written as EL in the Aramaic/Canaanite language such as Hebrew. Keep in mind that Semitic languages are a branch of the Afroasiatic language family. El, also called 'Il or Elyon ("Most High"), generally considered leader of the pantheon (later conflated with the idiosyncratic god Yahawashi)

Egyptian God Isis in astro-theology, the star Sirius (the brightest star in the sky). Among the Egyptians, the zodiacal Isis is a virgin mother. We can note this also with ‘Is-a-iah’ as Is means light. Is-ra-el is: Is, the light of Ra, the sun, is El, the first cause. (Isaiah 60:3 Complete Jewish Bible) To the Egyptians goddess of light; light meaning revealed wisdom, knowledge. Egyptian God Ra was the God of the sun that also was related to as the father or Saturn. This connect was also made in later Canaanite mythology.

The three of these combined created first cause refers to the first domino, event, or trigger of the big bang. It is said that Hebrew redactors used Egyptian myths to make the Islamic stories; which, from time to time, had Babylonian myths grafted onto earlier texts or replaced portions of the “original stories.” — Gary Greenberg (2000), 101 Myths of the Bible (pg. 7)

These Gods (Science) was loved by the Europeans that they then recreated these Gods for themselves. As we see they then took the Egyptian stories and rewrote the history and then began to use it for control. In Egypt, we see that the Sun (SON) God Ra was born from Nu that was recreated by Hebrews & Israelites as Abraham having a son a descendant of Noah (Nu in Arabic).

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This article begins where the inscriptions start, in Egypt, a land of great significance to science, philosophy, medicine, mathematics and religion. This city was one of many nationally mixed in culture under the rule of many Africanoid Pharaohs.