Airing of Grievances // Vol. 1

in life •  3 months ago 

Here is a list of my current grievances for your viewing pleasure

1. We have to move and therefore I have to pack

Packing requires organization....and putting all my useless crap in boxes.
I am seriously just considering throwing everything away.

kunDOZh copy 2 .png

2. My body hates me

Apparently, I slept "wrong".
Not only do I fuck up shit during my waking hours, but it continues into my sleeping hours as well.
That's nice.
My stupid neck is in pain and I can't turn my head to the right.
Good times.

kunDOZh copy 2 .png

3. My kitties hate me

I am now on my 5th power supply for my computer.
It would seem that the cats thoroughly enjoy the taste of computer cables.
The main culprit in question?

Peanut the cat.

This concludes Vol. 1 of my Airing of Grievances.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter.

Good Day

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have you considered wrapping your power cord in bubble wrap? ... might not stop Peanut from assaulting the power cord but it will give you an early warning of what is going on as she bites through the bubbles

We actually used an official wrapping made for cat chewing.....and he still chewed through it lol
Bubble wrap is a cool idea.
I give up lol

they can be determined little souls. Hobo loves to attack my mouse and my headphones. They along with my glasses go into a sealed bag at night and she has tried chewing through that


I hate moving too, packing sucks, and we have moved so many times, not just around Canada, but between countries too, many boxes still unpacked and we have been in our current place for 8 years and still unpacked 😫

Sorry about your neck!

Peanut huh. Maybe if you change the name to ... lets say cassava, Peanut would stop chewing cables as Peanut would be busy thinking TF... what TF is cassava


hahaha Good idea....changing his name now!
I've done the same thing with moving so much. I have unopened boxes that haven't been opened in years. It will be like Christmas when I finally open them! lol

time for a copey catch phrase...."how dare you good sir.... how dare you" :P

sounds like a series of unfortunate events, but moving def sux no matter what else is going on, but once its done, its done and you can cheezits and chill. hope things go a bit smoother for you guys from here on in , much love and copious hugz :)

hahahah "How dare you???"
lol I love that meme!!!!!
Thank you Cope
Luvs and hugsies❤️

Oh darling. I wish I were there to help you with your neck. Hopefully it will feel better tomorrow. As for the packing, I hear you on wanting to throw it all away. I look around my house and have the same thought on a daily basis, but most of that stuff is still there because it's useful. Or something.

Peanut! Stop eating cords! Stop it! Seriously!

Hugs n love n stuff. Hang in there. :)

lol thank you Katrina
My neck does feel a bit better today yay!
I think I'm just going to put Peanut in kitty jail lol

Thank you for this post!!
It means you are just like the rest of us and once and a while just need to vent!

and if I had to move right now? I honestly think I would just get a huge dumpster and throw it all away..... way faster.


Snook I think I'm just going to start venting every day at this point lol
And I agree about getting a dumpster at this point hahaha

ditto gf, i woke up with a headache and a kinked neck. after a dream where i was cleaning the dishes and found a huge bunch of chocolate at a party. what does that mean??? apparently it's positive because im sharing it. gives Isa choco packing is a pain. I only put away a few winter clothes and that was too much.My suggestion? Throw away anything you don't need. If you need it again, then you can buy it because you no longer have it.

Ooooh a chocolate dream yes!!!!
Hope your neck feels better! ❤️

tys i hope u is less soar. dont throw everything away shane said he wouldnt necessarily buy you new stuff. you should prolly glare at him.

how can you blame Peanut? he has the most angelic face ever and we all know who is to blame always (Shane duh!) so... leave the cat alone!

I'm thinking maybe it's actually Shane chewing on the cable at this point lol

I just got this image of you snapping the light on and finding Shane with the cable hanging out of both sides of his mouth. LOL


Moving is always a huge pain in the ass; you think you can plan it all out, but never goes according to plan... But when it's done it's usually a very satisfying feeling, and you can enjoy the fruits of that labor every day for years to come :-) Here's to you getting through all that as smoothly as humanly possible! 🍸 Oh, and just don't throw away Peanut!! ;-)

lol thank you!
Fine....I will keep Peanut hahahaha

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good day , sir hahaha good gif