The true reason why computer was invented

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(image courtesy by William Gartner, Documentary Films)

Computers are not really invented for playing games, surfing the internet, chatting, socializing in social media such as FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram etc...

The word itself "COMPUTER". Let's remove the letter 'R' so the word now "COMPUTE"

Compute, compute, compute, compute and compute...

So in short computer was designed and invented for one purpose only
to solve and compute "Mathematical" complex problems.

Way back in World War 2.
If two battleship cruisers aim to shoot each other they often missed.
So to hit one battleship on the ocean is just mere luck.

Usually Battleship Cruiser has giant cannon guns and the bullets
are also giant. So meaning these giant bullets are expensive.
So every time a Battleship Cruiser fire its guns and missed a target
then it's a waste of money.

So to solve this problem they needed to write the mathematics (Calculus)
equation on paper. But the downside it takes someone 2 minutes or
1 minute before someone can solve the problem on paper.

Before they can fire the giant guns the enemy is already on the move.
So meaning the solved equation on paper and its answer is wrong because
the enemy ship is already on a different location.

The solution to write the mathematical equation on paper
is not really the solution. So they needed to come up ideas
to solve this problem.

They needed a machine to compute this mathematical problem in one second only.
Take note ONE SECOND only, and that is the "Computer".

Currently, an ordinary computer can compute thousands of computation in just one second. Now, how about "SUPER COMPUTER" it can compute millions of computations in just ONE SECOND.

How about human can it compute ONE SECOND only? LOL, of course not.

Of course, as time passed by the "Computer" evolves and now everyone can use and enjoy it. Especially the internet.

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Seriously enjoyed that, I'm going to be telling that story to people in the future for sure. Well not "story", but fact lol.

Hi there! Welcome back :)

I've been away for past 3 weeks (short holiday) and finally im back :) Loads of catching up is awaiting me now.

I checked your profile and im glad to see that you're still very active on steemit.

How have you been doing?
(I upvoted number of posts today so my voting power is runnig very low. For that reason I cant upvote your post today but i will be following you closely)


I loved your article. never knew that this is real computers history

@iridion9 you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!