Tutorial to register in nowocio

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Hello friends of steemit, now I want to show you how to register in my new social network nowocio through the web.

Unless you know the website https://nowocio.com enter it directly and without errors in the browser, the idea is to start with the basics.

Go the most popular search engine in this case google and there write nowocio

As in the previous image, you have to click on the link to www.nowocio.com.

Once loading shows like this.

Now if you are new and you want to start on the fast track we will register ...

Enter your data and we start ...

At least you want to enter with facebook or youtube for easy registration ... a few clicks without filling out forms ...

And so following the messages you'll be nowocio ...

Thank you for paying attention, so everything is connected in one place ...!

For those who pay attention to the number this

This is the popularity of nowocio worldwide .

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