The egoistic thought is nothing more and nothing less immoral

in life •  last year 

As you will see the thought is something that moves in our mind as the light that lights our houses, is that movement that makes strengthen the movements of water in and out of place.

Watch how a person acts on the outside and you can see deep inside, you can imagine how the seas of thoughts and mountains move very deep within each person. Acts are those that move what you look at, trying not to judge everyone is one of the first things that can be done.

The most kindly act of truth is to move the hearts of people in one way or another, but the reality is that each person moves at ease.

Each person stands by his side, without stopping and does not expect everything for nothing, you have to learn to give to receive, but in thought this can also be done ... it is to try to move mountains without touching the mountains ... I saw mountains move just listening ...

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