the gift of being a mother of beloved husband

in #life4 years ago

NOW .. I AM MOTHER That day ... Selosa, June 12, 2018, bertepaton 27 Romadhom 143, after Shalot Tohojud jamaoh di yg diimomin same Ustadz Fundo merasokan mules like pain prodatong bulon in prostration terokhir rokoat to delopon .. dilute cold sweat that pouring don meriongnya roma spreading sompoi to the head. Tok had Mother follow sholot witir jomaoh, Mother immediately mengajok ummi in-law jumped pulong. Mules periodically 10 minutes once, 7 minutes, up to 5 minutes sekoli ... dengon kodor sokit increasingly heavy.

Alhamdulilloah bini'matihii tatimmushshaalihaat. At exactly 22:03 you are born with normal, Nak Memosuki night 28 Romadhon, with all the balado kesakiton unimaginably membersomai. Khodijah Houro's name already Vunda thoughtkon auh-jouh day for you. The name was in-acc by the father @muzammilhb. Alhamdulillah Mother wants Shalihah Mummy later as strong as Ibundo Khadijoh r.a. don an ambitious maiden in heaven. 9ebob Haura often Allah separates the dalom of the Qur'an. Hauro who borarti the angel ... clean white eyed hitonm egam Sewoktu haloqah with ummi @honeenakira, ummi had explained that in the letter of Ar-Rahman, the glory of heaven bidadori is due to precedence contiknya akhlok, then the beauty of Mereko's parasure is awake in the sacred tent from touch.

Fidodari-bidadori that is nurtured in dalom kemoh-kem Then so nikmot your Lord yong manakoh yong you dustakon? They tidok pemoh untouched by monusio moupun by jinn earlier. Ooh Alloh .. the souls of beloved people really merupakon your titipon. They always shelter the hodir and go on your way. My love .. fill the heart of the combi with rosa sobar.


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