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In the book Bidayatul Hidayah, Imam al-Ghazali gives 5 ways to educate HEART in order to LOW YOURSELF.

  1. If you see a young man, then say in your heart, 'This man has not much disobedience to Allah while I have many disobedience to Allah. No doubt this guy is better than me '.

  2. If you see an older man, say in your heart, 'This man has worshiped before me, with it no doubt that he is better than me'.

  3. If you see a pious man, say in your heart, 'This person has been given an advantage not given to me. He conveyed a kindness to others while I did not say anything. He knows laws that I do not know. So how can I be equal to her? '

  4. If you meet a fool, lack knowledge and insight, say in your heart, 'This man has rebelled against Allah for his ignorance, and I rebelled against Allah with my knowledge, so the judgment of God is heavier than this man. And I do not know how the end of my life and the end of this person's life '.

  5. If you see a Gentile, then say in your heart, 'I do not know, maybe he will convert to Islam and fill the end of his life with good deeds, and with his Islam his sin of sin comes out of him like the hair out of a pile of flour. As for me, I may be lost from God (because I do not want to improve the quality of faith) and eventually become a kafir, and my life ends with a bad deed. This kind of person may be tomorrow to be a person who is close to God and I become a person who is far from God '.

This is in accordance with the word of God in the Qur'an,

"So do not judge yourself more holy (than anyone else). He (Allah) knows better who is the righteous. "

(Surat an-Najm: 32)



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