How many times did you fail this week? 💭💭💭

in #life4 years ago

Let's talk about failure.

I know, you may think that it's quite an unpleasant topic that you'd rather avoid. And I'm with you on that.
But can we really avoid failure?

Whether you are involved in entrepreneurship and own your own company or you just hustle on the side of your regular job trying your own thing, failure is a part of your everyday life.

Personally, I experience some kind of failure so often I've stopped counting! Of, course it's always alongside some kind of success, but still. Failure is a part of what you do. And no matter how successful you are, you'll never stop experiencing it.

I used to be so disappointed by that thought. But not anymore. I am finally at a point in my life where I actually welcome it.

What keeps me so positive is that: No matter how much I fail, I have the skills I need to succeed again! Because I've already done it.

We can't avoid things like that from happening to us.
All we can do is love and forgive ourselves & keep going!

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