Good Things Take Time. Are You Willing to Wait?

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What does an impatient person ask God?

God, please give me more patience and give it to me now :)

This is a common attitude in our busy modern world and, if you are also naturally prone to being less patient, like I am, you definitely need that extra share of patience. But if the Almighty is not willing or able to grant it to you, then you need to educate yourself into becoming a more patient person for your own sake and it is not going to be easy.


What is the biggest drawback of being impatient? You are more likely to become disappointed (and quite fast) by things that don't turn out the way you planned to or hoped to. And if you face disappointment, you are also quite likely to give up on what you initially wanted to achieve because, well, you simply considered that you tried enough and failed.

But what does enough mean? Because most often, this is the root of the problem. If you think that one year is enough to at write a good novel or that you can become a good musician after 3 years of practice or that you will be able to replace your boss after you've worked for 2 years for your company, you might want to reconsider your timeline.

Indeed, some persons progress faster than others and some are simply lucky enough to get where they want to without too much effort. But most people, and I mean like 99% of those I know have to put a lot of effort and work in order to achieve their goals.

Why is that? Because, just like in nature, things in life also happen naturally, progressively and no matter how much we try to rush them, sometimes we simply can't interfere in the normal course of the actions and events that influence our lives.


So, the logical approach would be to simply let things happen to us and accept every stage of our evolution instead of feeling constantly stressed or frustrated that we cannot move forward at a faster pace.

It might not be this year that you get the promotion you're hoping for or you buy the house you are dreaming of. These major changes will finally come, but you just need to give it more time and focus on the small steps you need to take in order to get there, instead of compulsively picturing yourself at the destination.

Are you willing to let good things come to you instead of pushing yourself too much to get there or giving up at the first sign of failure?

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