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in life •  3 months ago

Today I am going to share some words from my personal diary which I wrote since 2012. The most funniest words and sensible for me are that "Don't give good advice to ignorant people. First they start discussion but when he realized his defeat in front of thoughtful words then he becomes your enemy."

I think that people of this era don't need any opinions or advice for them in any matter of their life even don't from their parents. They thought what they do is right and other around them are wrong and getting jealous from them. I accept that most of them are right but the family members specially parents are always having a good thoughts for their child and what ever their point of view is always just for the sake of betterment of their children so I must say we should respect the other's point who are very close to us specially friends and family and never break their heart by ignoring their advice. It doesn't mean that whatever they want you just do it even it is not good for you but respect them and their words and always take a good deeds from your close ones who truly love you without any mean and promise. I hope you like my words. Keep do share your thoughts through comments.


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These are great words from you dairy. As a child we should respect parents advice and as a good friend we should listen our friends advice. @introvert-dime great words thanks for sharing with us. Keep sharing your words