Music of the 90s - Index theater - F117 A - El condor falls + story of 2 friends

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El Condor falls
(aka Sorry, we didnt know its invisible)

I fly a Stealth F-117a,
the pride of NATO
i throw some bombs
on the Serbs.
But one night I was noticed,
Suddenly, with the help of radar, or something else,
fuck it..

All I know is that somebody
fooled me badly
Like, their AA is not working..
but something shot me from below
And wrecked my clutch badly,
my invisible one, stealth clutch...

"Oh, whats going on with me ..." - I cried...
while i was falling down to the fields,
full of peasants
with pitchforks (!)
Uh! Ill be flattened by the squad of peasants,
because that world policeman,
That, that ..Clinton!

But luckily, I was evacuated
with 32 helicopters.
Now, i see the peasants down there
looking at my invisible bomber (what can i do)
ruined, broken
and late.

Hell, only if I knew
that they still have their AA working,
no one alive could force me
to fight for some Kosovo
because I'm not even sure
where it is.

(No, I'm really not sure, and I do not know where it is ...
I was looking at some maps, but all I know is somewhere Far Away ...
And now one who sent me there could go and take my place...
i wont be back there anytime soon..
I'd rather be back home to my Colorado...)

Song is inspired by downing of F117 a Stealth bomber over Serbia, at the very end of the last century. Authors are Index theater, guys who were mocking everything and everyone, and they didnt fail this time either.

But lets go back to real story.. i wont put in details of how and why some soviet 60s weapon managed to take down latest USA army gadget, its easy to find these info around.

What makes this story great is how it developed after the war. Its about Serbian army officer Zoltan Dani, who shot down the Stealth, and US army pilot who was in the plane Dale Zelko.

There is documentary made about them, called "2nd meeting" (Their first meeting was on the radar screen). 12 years later, they decided to meet. Dale came to Serbia to visit Zoltan (whos now baker, not a soldier anymore) and his family.

Stories and experiences of this kind are crucial to understanding wars and conflicts on most important - individual level. There is many people here who says - fuck that Yankee, maybe his rocket killed all these civilians. They cant understand that only place where you should bring war - is actually the battlefield.
Real soldiers knows that. Only assholes are fighting their wars in everydays life, against kids or civilians.

What are we if he cant shake hands after battle? What battles are we fighting if we cant respect our enemies?

sources: ODN youtube channel, BBC, RTS

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