When each Bitcoin was under $1.00 in 2009 -- that is EXACTLY what it feels like now, with each Bitcoin under $7,000

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REALLY? Yes... you get to walk in the shoes of a premature millionaire, right now, June 2018


LOOK AROUND. No one knows where Bitcoin is going to eventually go price wise..

But that gut feeling you get, when you know Bitcoin is undervalued, and you still can't (or won't) buy anyway... even when Bitcoin is at its multiple worst moments...

NOW You know what investors felt after getting involved for the first time.

Knowing Bitcoin got to $19,000 or even $6,000 today is a big deal.

If you had your chance then, by buying bitcoin under $1.00 you probably would have bought some, but not lots...

All of us older, long term investors are surprised at how fast time flies.

What you see right now already happened before. Yet it is this weird guess that everyone has to make to wonder if Bitcoin is strong enough to survive..

Answer: yes

See how it feels? If you would have spent $200 on Bitcoin at $1.00 or $200 or even at Bitcoin when it was at $6500 it is basically the same thing. The same nervousness and "not knowing" is the same in 2011 as it is now in June 2018

What do you do? How scared are you? Do you understand how scared people were then also?

It is kind of funny, and ironic in a sad sort of way, that people today are just as worried and scared about Bitcoin price in 2018 as they were in 2011. Nothing has changed... just the numbers. The worry remains the same.


Agree, Bitcoin is still a tiny asset class compare to others so there is still much room to grow. Since the fundamentals are extremely good the chance it will grow is extremely big. In a few years people will look back and say: I wish I had bought some in 2018 when the price was only 6k.

i bought my last bitcoins when the price fell to 9000$... i was very happy with my purchase... now i wanna invest some more money into BTC...i do believe that this price level -- bargain or not -- its a nice level to get some btc anyway .. you never now ...as far as it concerns ME...i'm a btc fun so i believe in it no matter what!!

Yes indeed, and it's always a terrible spectacle to ponder what would / could have happened if I'd have gotten those bitcoins in 2011 instead ....

well people seems to see doom rather than prospective glory days ahead

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