We no longer have to be afraid to live from our Heart Space.

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The word ‘psyche’ is a Greek word meaning spirit or soul. So the notion that psychiatry and psychology are working with spirit is simply not true, as they are solely concerned with the study of the mind. This is all about mental programing and unfortunately they too have become little more than border patrol guards of the status quo. Consequently, they play a big role in the containment of human awareness. George Kavassilas

Never beLIEve you are not one with YOUR Heart.. YOUR Soul...YOUR Essence... You are never separated from your Eternal Infiniteness. We are never not Whole. We are experiencing the fractalization, which creates the illusion we are broken. The truth is not in your head, but in your heart where our ALL Knowing Awareness as a Creator Being is always holding a space of love for our journey! INNERStellar

We've got this! Always have! Always will!

Face Yourself! Embrace Yourself!

I Am A Powerful Creator Being!

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