I Am A Creator Being And I Only Want What Is Real. I Am Done With Suffering.

in life •  4 months ago

This Matrix we have co-created is sure to feed our fears and doubts via every elaborate program we designed that speak false truths about who we are. BeLIEf systems that keep us engaged in the illusions that keep YOU distracted from YOU!

When you know you are beyond your creations & co-creations, You are Eternal Essence that has always been and always will be. You know that part of you cannot be touched in any way that will bring harm to you or disconnect from your Infinite Isness!

Every time we hear a story about ourselves that we know is not ours, we can express verbally into the Cosmos. “I Am A Creator Being, And I Only Want What Is Real I Am Done With Suffering.” This one declaration my brother George Kavassilas shared with me has been very empowering.

We are all Creator Beings! Connect into that aspect of yourself and you will know what is real! 💙💚💜


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So much YESSSS <333 :)

Thank you & Namaste


You’re welcome.


You’re welcome.

Are you writing about God who have created us? About the greatness of God? Hmm... It can also be some random thoughts about our existence!


I am writing about us the Creators that exist beyond what we have created. 🎉💚

I most definitely believe this to be true and I wish I had learned it earlier in life.


Me too Debralee, but happy I know today and can live life freely.