Why Intermittent Fasting Will Never Gain Mass Popularity

in life •  last year 
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Good info. i never liked fasting even though it's something we all. Think about it. We fast when we sleep... when we awake we Break(our)fast aka Breakfast. haha

Great video

just awesome

How's your day been?


wonderful video.

Great title to draw attention. Good work on presenting the information! 😃

Great information and I relate to it very well. I lost 47lbs in the last year or so with Intermittent Fasting and I have a lot of energy and overall feel more clear minded. It's good information to be putting out there, there are a lot of health benefits to fasting! I feel we are conditioned to eat unhealthy for profit, so sad. This is my first comment on dtube btw... :) Good luck to you!

I find things like this to be unique to individuals though. There's a similar lifestyle which basically sleep deprvies you into only 3-4 hours of sleep a day. Some swear by it, even US marines. But others say it's super dangerous.

From all the research on the topic what I've come away with is that the large majority of the population can benefit from fasting. Our body's have built in mechanisms to thrive during the fasted state, and all of our clean up and repair that is supposed to be done while sleeping is enhanced in a fasted state. The problem with trying to fast in our modern age, is that due to the amounts, frequency, and loads of carbs we have consumed it is hard for us to shift into fasting. Since we are not fat adapted and struggle to utilize fat properly as fuel source, the first stages of fasting are a struggle for a lot of people. Some people that try intermittent fasting never actually go through the process of fat adaptation, because they consume so much carbohydrates that they never actually deplete their glycogen stores. It is important to actually become fat adapted to unlock the results of intermittent fasting. It's the same as people trying to adopt a keto lifestyle, and in the beginning they get the "keto flu". Fasting used to be a normal way of life for ancestors. Like @hoodchef said, that is why we have the term "break"fast.

right on !

Doing a prolonged fast right now while watching your video! Great content, one of the best things I've done for my health is break away from the marketing propaganda of "3 square meals a day". I also once lived in the paradigm of 6 small meals as well.


It doesnt have to.

This vid is very compelling as I write also about the pitfalls of consumerism/demand leading our world ashtray. I do not resteem much because I want my page to remaim focused on that particular issue, but I am resteeming and following this time.

Excellent video. I started a 16 hour a day intermittent fast in May. I lost weight without a change in diet and I have way more energy. I could take it a step further if i altered my diet as well. This video is spot on as most people think you're mad if you do it but its actually very easy to do.

Yummy! Try this with a Amber Ale. You won't regret it.